wanna come home. Please will you buy me a plane ticket? One more day here and I am running away!! Thanks love ya bye.

LOL. Just kidding it is not too badJ The CCM here is way beautiful! CCM is MTC in Spanish. It is obviously not as big as a college campus like Provo, but it is extremely better. It is really humid! President Moore is awesome. He has done everything! Been a sealer, a missionary president, temple president, and before this he was the seminary and institute president of the church. He is a grand master Jedi. I came in with 7 elders and 6 hermanas. I am district leader of them and there is one more American district that has been here 3 weeks. I don’t even know how many latinosThe food here is AMAZING. Obviously because it is Peruvian but we get fed so much. I am fatter each and every day and I love it. It does do something to you though. We call it the siempres or the nuncasSiempres mean that you are always pooping and nuncas is never… The 3 days I didn’t go once and I was shocked because I was eating so much! My companion went 6 times yesterday.

My companion is Elder Hebert. He is 18 and from Maryland and the only gringo that isn’t a west coast missionary. He is super funny so in class we will start laughing and wont be able to stop. I have laughed the hardest I ever have here! I think it is also because that is how my body deals with exhaustion. He is also an awesome example of exact obedience, so I am lucky to learn from him. The latino elders are the best! We sit by them every time we eat and hang with them at night. We practice our Spanish and teach them English words and phrases. Elder Primo and Elder Anocona are the two Hebert and I have gotten really close with. They bought me a sweet tie on my birthday! They are both from Colombia and we have a real good time. 

Learning Spanish has been fun! We teach lessons in Spanish which can be frustrating because we cant say what we want to, but the struggle develops are strength. I am Elder Anoconas best student! It is only because while I was waiting I studied and had friends that helped me, but I am able to help out the other missionaries in my district a lot. Hebert doesn’t know any Spanish, but we have both progressed so much in just a week. 

I want to end every email with a spiritual highlight. So those that are of the world don’t need to read beyond now;) We had Elder Robbins of the seventy come on my second day. BLESSED! He talked about being positive which is one of my favorite things. He drew the comparison between Nefi and Laman and Lemuel. They experienced the same things, had similar hardships, the same upbringing, but they dealt with it in opposite ways. Laman and Lemuel obviously murmured the entire time and Nefi looked at it positive. In some instances Nefi even had harder trials when the others would rebel! But he is obviously a champ. Be a champ. 

I gave my first blessing of comfort and healing yesterday! Hebert wants help with Spanish and felt like crap. He asked me a few days ago and we never got around to it so I had time to think about what I was going to say. But what is amazing is the thing that just popped into my head from the Spirit is the thing that he needed to hear. “You have been called of God to teach the people of Peru.. He has also called you to speak the Spanish language, and so you will.” He was strengthened a lot by it! The spirits words, not mine. I am only scratching the surface of the ability of the priesthood, but I know that it is the power of God. Honor it all the days of your life! Well family and friends… I could write for hours but I only have one. So know that I love you! And I miss some of you. Keep smiling!! 

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