What up FAM

The temple is amazing. It is soo small!! I will send pictures next week, but it is not anything compared to Utah! We are blessed! Head to the temple this week people. And everything besides the media part is in Spanish, so it is a neat experience. The CCM here is like a temple feeling! It is small, and completely cut off from the world. Last week was super powerful because I was going from the CCM temple to the real temple, instead of going from the world to the temple!

I am going to tell you what I do every single day! Wake up at 615, breakfast and personal study until class starts at 9. Lunch at noon! Then language study, additional study, and class until 6 for dinner. Then class after dinner until 9 at night! It is a grind, but the best kind of grind! Our lessons are all in Spanish to our pretend investigadores, it is way fun! Hebert doesn’t love it as much.. But starting to! I am already fluent in Spanish so that is cool. The Gift of Tongues is real! They are thinking about sending me out next week because I am already so good. Its whatever.

We play soccer every day! Because we are in South America ya know? I love it so much. We have a turf field, I will send pictures next week! But I even scored once. I did a Ray Lewis dance after I made the goal and all the Latinos were laughing at me so hard LOL. So since I scored on Latinos, I feel satisfied with my mission and I am ready to come home whenever you want me to. 

Neat experience: I was talking to one of the Latinos the other night and we had a good heart to heart. He knows some English and I know enough Spanish to have conversations! He was telling me his after mission plans. All he wants to do is work super hard so he can buy a visa and plane ticket to America. When he gets to the US he is going to find a job, so that he can send money to his family in Colombia because they are poor. His dad has to work in Panama and never sees his mom or kids because of it. I want to buy his visa and plane ticket so much! I told him that I was sorry and my testimony on how he being on a mission will bless his family more than anything. One thing he told me, “Elder Daybell, my family is poor with the things of this world, but we are rich in the gospel.” That is a major lesson I have learned here. Make sure to appreciate the freedoms and the wealth that we have been born into. But do you know what we should appreciate even more? Being born into the gospel. The blessings are immeasurable and we often dismiss it as just a part of our lives. It should BE our lives! Some of these Elders didn’t grow up with food many nights, or clean water. But that doesn’t matter to them, because they have the gospel. I am working on humbling myself to be able to appreciate it like they do. When people have nothing, they realize that they can have everything through Christ. Jesus Christ is a constant. 

Happy Easter! Next Sunday is the most sacred day of the year. I dare all of you to forget about your phones for at least until dinner. Focus on the Atonement and Resureccion and focus on feeling the Spirit! On Easter we are able to feel His love more if we concentrate on Him. I am excited for it! 

Peace out FAM and friends. I love you all and miss you! Stay humble

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