My favorite picture I have taken!


You all look so nice today.
I am just kickin it, sipping on some Inca Kola. Life is way good in
the CCM! The hardest choice I have had to make for myself is what tie
I want to wear each day. All I get to focus on is learning and
learning…. I wake up at 6 in a bed by myself, all my life. It’s the
best! I love it! (Nacho Libre voice)
So the group of Americans that have been here 6 weeks and the entire
group of my latino friends left yesterday morning. I am going to miss
our 3 roomates a lot! One is Elder Johnson from Logan and we had many
good talks at night. I am going to miss my Latinos the most though!
Especially Primo and Anacona. Hebert and I have gotten super close
with them. Monday night everybody was taking pictures, and me and
Anacona were just chilling by the window and I started to sing “Till
We Meet Again” and he was like nononono Spanish! So I got my hymn
book, and pretty soon it turned into everybody on our floor swaying in
a circle singing! We sang Army of Helaman in English because we have
the lyrics for the natives. Then Called to Serve in Español! It was a
powerful experience. After we all knelt and Elder Primo gave us a
prayer. Those songs definitely take on a new meaning now that I am on
a mission. And I love singing in Spanish! But you all knew that
What else… Easter Sunday was righteous! Wish I could accurately
explain in words how spiritual that day was. If you felt what I felt
this weekend, life would be looked at differently. Daxton and Josh
would start their mission papers tomorrow! And maybe Alyssa would go
on a mission instead of getting married at 19 LOL Elder Ballard gave
a devotional at the Provo MTC and we had it broadcasted. I don’t think
these talks are available to everyone.. But I wish you could have
heard it! He talked about how we must “Awaken, Encourage, y Expand our
commitment to Christ.” It was neat.
I think all of you, personally or as a FAM, should figure out ways
that you can awaken, encourage and expand that commitment. We give a
lot of commitments during the mission, and they all lead to the
ultimate one: Come unto Christ. Most of the ways you do that are
Primary answers. I read my scriptures before I came on a mission, but
didn’t study them like this. I prayed morning and night before this,
but I didn’t pray like this. I went to church my whole life, but I
didn’t enjoy it like this. Taking seriously that commitment to Christ
is the reason people enjoy life and enjoy this gospel so much. It is
easy to become casual in your faith. I know! I lived in Utah too
remember? But I would just say make a little tiny change this week
that is less casual and more committed. Those small steps have a
greater impact than any of us realize. Ámen!

Send me lots of things! I love you all. Watch conference with real
intent this week. Blessings.
-Elder Daybell


This is Elder Huaman! He may look inferior, but he kills me in fútbol!


Everyone in our room! They gone now… Sad


Hebert, Anacona, Myself and Primo. We are squad goals.


The Elders that I have been with. We look good.


The American Zone! But we get 4 new Elders and 3 new Hermanas today.

This is the temple bus drivers kid! He is the highlight of my P-day
because he reminds me of my siblings ahahha.He always tries to beat me
up and says “muerte, muerte!” Then I go “araña, araña!” and do a
spider with my hand and tickle him! I cannot wait until I can play
with all the little kids out in the field.


The Lima Peru Temple


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