What up from Peru!
I never thought I would say this in a million years.. But I think I am
going to wear a watch when I get home. It is a testament that the
mission does change you! Watches are so obsolete, but I really like
wearing one. In other news, I got my package and letter today!! Thank
Those pictures are perfect and everyone is jealous of my sweet
scriptures in español. One of the janitors here always says I am not
like the other Norte Americanos because my hair is blonde and my face
is red. In other words, I am the coolest gringo. That janitor told me
I look like the Russian from Rocky! That made us LOL.
Last night we had a devotional, and it was righteous. Elder Elliot,
Elder Nuñez, Elder Meza, and I had the chance to sing for it. We sang
“Come Thou Fount” with parts in English and in Spanish. It is such a
beautiful song! I was feeling like I didn’t have a good enough voice
to do it, so I prayed for the spirit to simply be there. It definitely
was! Afterwards, Presidente and a lot of missionaries told us they
cried and everyone was feeling the spirit strong. And everybody keeps
calling me Elder Warren now! LOL chistes, chistes. (chistes is like
saying just kidding in English)
How was General Conference?! I took like 11 pages of notes… The next
day was like a spiritual hangover. We taught our teacher what the word
´hangover’ means, now he uses it too when he tells us of big spiritual
moments. What did all of you enjoy from conference? I probably won’t
email you back because we only get 1 hour in the CCM, but it will be
different in the field. Still tell me what you all thought was neat. A
new temple in Lima! The Brethren must foresee how many people that I
am going to save! Chistes 🙂 But that is amazing! Everybody is
ecstatic. And one missionary, Elder Morrocho, is from Ecuador and they
are building one of the announced in his city. The happiness is real
at the temple and with the family. That was a theme of conference I
noticed. I could write pages about the talks and my impressions this
last weekend, but I think I will just share one.
Remember when we sustained the prophet? And one guy was yelling “NO”
to oppose? It was a crazy experience. I don’t think I have heard that
before while I have been watching it live, but I had the Spirit tell
me a few things when it happened. It was a powerful experience, what I
wrote down is now scripture to me. Which means it is personal to me,
but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be shared! The spirit testified to
me that these men are disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. Just as
Peter, James, Paul, and John of old, they bear His name, so they will
have opposition. As I take upon the name of Christ and have this
opportunity to represent Him, all kinds of opposition lie ahead. But
that is the Fathers plan. There must be an opposition in all things (2
Nefi 2:11). That adversary motivates me. Motivates me to help other
children of God find this perfect gospel. To show His light is the
most important thing I could be doing with my life. Adversary will
come, especially today, but I testify that this work will not stop. If
you stand with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, you cannot lose.
Voices will be telling you differently all your life. But if you live
in a way that you can hear that still small voice, the truth will be
clear as noonday. Live so you can hear that voice. And always be
willing to stand with those who represent Him.
I love every single one of you! I will see you in a couple days!
Keep smiling, Elder Daybell


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