Last Week Living the Easy Life
I am coming to an end with my “prison sentence.” I think that the
people that complain about how long and tough the MTC is, must have
went to Provo. The Lima CCM will always have a place in my heart!
Today will be the last time I go to the temple for 2 years… That is
the only downside of leaving for the field. But the tops of the
mountains are the second best place to feel close to Heaven! All of
you can start the 2 year countdown next week, because I am extending
my mission a transfer. So technically my best 2 years starts next
week! This was just a little much needed preparation.
I am super fat and weak. I have stayed the same weight, but my
shoulders are small and I have some chub now. The Latinos think I am
shredded though! I will just identify myself with their opinions the
next little bit and the problem is solved. Elder Izquerdo is this
gorilla of a man missionary. His hands are double the size of mine and
his body is gorilla size too! He challenged me to an arm wrestle at
dinner and all the Elders were going crazy during it. Guess who won?
Of course I won.  He challenges me every day at actividad fisical, and
it’s always so fun LOL. My wrist kills though because his hands wrap
around my whole hand and wrist! When Elder Hebert and I pass the
football a long distance all the Latinos go “woooooooowwww!” I feel
like C3PO when the Ewoks find him. And then when Luke uses the force
to make 3PO float and they all go nuts? That is how it is to throw a
football here.
I have been teaching the other Elders how to beatbox too. Remember my
“Mormon Missionary Rap” that I memorized? I spit straight fuego with
this other Elder that freestyles in Spanish. I think it is always good
clean Christian rap with gospel related terms. It has been a good time
here! I am also teaching some Latinos how to sing the Hobbit song for
their English learning. I am going to miss the CCM! But I am way more
excited to get out and work hard. As much as I love the social aspect
that is here with all the missionaries, I would rather be finding and
teaching the elect of God on the tops of the mountains or in the
bottoms of the rainforest jungle. IT’S GOING TO BE GNARLY. What I will
miss most about this place is the sacred feeling within these CCM
walls and how if I am frustrated with Spanish my teachers are right
there to hold my hand. In the field my prayers are definitely going to
become more desperate!
I have many spiritual experiences all week, but I can share them when
I get home. What I would love for you to do is look up “Missionary
work and the Atonement” on Youtube. It has Eyring and Holland talking
and clips from the video of Christ. I am repenting because I wanted to
do it for FHE before I left but we never did! “When my soul is
exhausted and my body aches, I am reminded to turn to these words:
Remember Him!” –Eyring. That line struck me hard the last time I
watched it. Salvation is not a cheap experience. I know that it is
extremely possible as long as I follow the doctrine of Christ, but it
wasn’t easy for Him so why would I think it would be easy for me?
Luckily the hardest part has already been done! I now must strive to
have the Atonement be an active force in every moment of my life. I am
so grateful for my Savior for paying that price for me! Watch that
video and study Christ. In these short 6 weeks I have gained so much
in knowledge! Te quiero ustedes
Keep Smiling! –Elder Daybell

     Centro De Capacitacion Misional Campus                                                                                                                                              President Garry Moore with Sister LaNell Moore


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