Week One in Yunguyo


Yunguyo is a town in the Puno Region in southeastern Peru. It is the capital of Yunguyo Province and Yunguyo District. It has a population of 12,625 (2008 estimate).

Yunguyo is located on a peninsula on the shores of Lake Titicaca. The border with Bolivia runs next to the town.


Too much has happened. Where do I start?! First off, Happy really late Birthday to Bubba and early Birthday to Amanda! Hope it was a day. Anyways,The last days in the CCM were awesome and the first day in el campo was even better. Presidente y Hermana Harbertson are the best! They took us to Cristo Blanco and Saqsaywaman. When I say took us, I mean 3 hermanas and 2 Latinos because my companion and all the others are not elect enough to be a part of the Cusco mission. Then we found out our area and new companion! That night we proselitando in Plaza de Armas in Cusco. You know the huge cathedrals? It was such a gnarly day.

Now to the important stuff…

I am in Yunguyo, Peru. It is the furthest distance from the mission home! About 3 hours south of Puno, but it still is on Lago Titicaca. Today I stepped into Bolivia! But my foot was still in Peru, so I didn’t leave mission boundaries don’t worry. Look up Yunguyo on Google Maps, or just watch Nacho Libre, because it is the same thing! We are the only missionaries for the entire city too! It is in the middle of nowhere and pretty poor: exactly what I wanted. We are the only gringos a lot of these people have ever seen because no tourists come down this far. This kid is sitting next to me in the internet place, and hasn’t stopped staring at me with his jaw dropped. All the kids we meet ask me why I look different than them and try to feel my blonde hair on my arms. The kids are beyond cute here!! One boy was crying on the street, and I bent down so he could see me, and he immediately started laughing his head off! That family is menos activos and we are trying to get them back to church. Oh yeah church was neat! I gave a sacrament talk in Spanish… LOL. Another funny story: We walked out of our home yesterday morning and this old dude was sitting on the curb. He looked up at us, and his eyes widened with amazement and fear. A bloodcurdling scream followed, “GRINGOOOOOS!!” It startled me, but then we laughed all the way to church! I have so many stories I could tell you guys! But I don’t want to send huge emails. I can save a lot for 2 years!

My papá is Elder Powell from Brigham City. I am his first white companion and his last companion! We graduated the same year, and he is dope. He has had a few lazy companions before me, so I am helping him not get trunky and he is helping me with literally everything. He is going to finish strong and I am going to start strong! I have no doubt in my mind that my papá was decided in the previous life. He is such a stud and we have a good time!

My spiritual experience I want to share happened on the plane. I sat by some guy that works in Cusco but lives in Trujillo. We talked for two hours about his life and my life! And then the last 20 minutes I whipped out the folleta of the Plan of Salvation and testified hard core. The spirit was way strong! I told him how the gospel will bless him, his wife, and his two hijas. Because I know it will. It blesses everyone that dares to partake of it! I have no doubt in my mind that this gospel is for everyone. These basic truths that I have been teaching, are so much more important than I thought they were in the past. You want to be happy? Live the Doctrine of Christ! All of you are the best.

Sigue sonriendo! -Elder Daybell










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