Week Two In Yunguyo

Caminando in la Calle

We walked too much this week. But we had tons of miracles happen too.  So every day walking was worth it! My knees do feel like they are 80 years old. It is some sacred pains! Todo bein a Yunguyo!

Remember how I said the kids are way cute? Yeah I judged a book by the cover because now they just make fun of my Spanish all the time. Not cute. And whenever we try to hit someone with the Spirit, they come in screaming and acting crazy. I just swear at them in English. JOKES. They are still super cute. But it is funny, because parents are like “Your Spanish is muy bien” and “You have only been here for 2 weeks? Wow muy bien” And then the kids are like “I cannot understand you. You do not have sense.” And we all know who the most honest people are… It is funny LOL.

I cannot tell you about every person that we talk with when I wish I could. Because I love these people! Even the Pani ladies. They are the traditional looking people with huge dresses and a bag of harvest or a child on their back all the time. They haven’t showered since birth. And they speak a Lamanite dialect called Ayrmara. No Quechua is this far down in the sticks, but Ayrmara is even crazier! I love this people for real. We want to learn to speak it so that we can teach them!!

Sundays are the best days and the hardest days here.  Best because we have church and the Santa Cena. Church is the same everywhere. And the gospel is the same everywhere. So DUH it is true because a normal man could not keep this thing going and growing, it has to be the Lord. The reason it is a hard day is because of “feria.” Where everyone from La Paz and Des Aguadero comes to buy things and get super drunk. Many people are drowning in Babylonia, which makes my heart sad. The reason it is hard for members to go to church, is because they get business this day. They don’t see the importance of it! I didn’t really until the mission either.

Don’t just stay away from the bad things. Do the good things. Go to church. Go to seminary. Pray for real. Read the good things. If you can handle doing it for a while, after the trial of your faith, you will gain the knowledge of its necessity. I PROMISE. So many people have a testimony here. They know and they feel. But they need to work on conversion. To do and to become. We all need to do that! It is why people change for the better on their missions. Because we pretty much are forced to do and to become. Be better than me and work on conversion by your own will, not because you went on a mission! I love you all.

Sigue sonriendo! Elder Daybell





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