Week Three In Yunguyo

It was quite a lovely time to talk to the FAM yesterday! I guess I miss you guys. LOL jokes! I KNOW that I miss you all!! I am so glad life is going good without me! I sometimes wish it would freeze until I get home, but that would be a physical impossibility. I am pretty sure that we cannot alter time. I listened to Hillary Weeks after I called, and felt the “trunky” all these other Elders talk about every day. I do not feel that ever. And wont feel it again until one day in 7 months! I am glad that Powell and I are out in the middle of nowhere with no other missionaries to be trunky around us. It wouldn’t get to me, but my papá does not have much time left! I love you guys! I felt the Spirit in both calls actually.

We traveled to Puno… AGAIN. We had to because Powell could sign a paper. A real fat guy sat by me and I am sure that I have had more uncomfortable car rides, but I cant really remember when. Powell will look at people in the face in those vans and be like “You really smell gross.” And they just smile and nod and say “hello hello.” They don’t understand, but it is still daring. I laugh so hard. I only say, “I will beat you” to the little kids when they wont stop staring. What else… I talked to you yesterday so it is difficult.

As for the spiritual… Go to the temple again. There is not a temple in my mission (yet) and I really miss it. What is funny, is I didn’t miss the temple until I had gone a bunch and now I do bastante. Last week I referenced Ether with “after the trial of your faith.” That is with it everything. You get a testimony once you do it for a while! I was always told that, but never realized the impact of it. That is why I have mentioned it 3 times already in emails.  I miss the Payson temple more than I miss the houses. With a pantry full of food and a warm shower… Okay the house is nice too. But the temple is seriously the best place on earth. Go there and pray that I convert all of Yunguyo. LOL jokes. But you really do need to go to the temple more. Missionary work and temple work is the exact same thing. Promise! And that work is the most important thing we could be doing with our time. Double promise!

Gracias Gracias Gracias…. Sigue Sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


Remote beach of Lake Titicaca. We had a MultiZone Conference with Presidente! Highest lake in the world and biggest lake in South America.


Cuidad de Chaca Chaca! We take a taxi and walk 20 minutes down this road to teach the Family Calisaya! The mountains in the back is where the Capilla of Kharsiri is…


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