Week Four In Yunguyo

Buen Semana!

Good week! We found 3 new investigadores. And a new less active also! One of them has schizophrenia we think… The less active is called Wilber and he is 14! He was baptized last year, and he totally gets it. But he just needs to get back to church! He looks like 7. We are just going to be his older brothers, and rescue him next change. Something about Yunguyo, is the work is “slower” than in any other sector in the mission. Our priesthood at church is like the President, 3 old dudes, and us. Apparently with the other mission president, if a missionary was lazy or sinned, they were sent to Yunguyo as punishment. But we are working hard to turn things around! We are building trust with the members by doing activities for the ward. We had a pizza and movie this weekend for them. So yeah, I am an experienced chef now. Because we are so far out, Pres. Harbertson has a lot of trust in us. We could do nothing all day and get away with it. Obviously we are not going to do that, because an eternity in the telestial kingdom would be the worst. LOL I don’t actually know if that would happen, but why chance it ya know? The work is moving forward in “mission Bolivia!”

Thursday! Our pension is an elementary school teacher, and it was the anniversary of the school this week. She got us in the program, because she loves showing us off! And we were able to contact over 50 people. It was righteous. I sang Im Yours by Jason Mraz and Powell played the guitar for over 250 people! It was okay because they didn’t know what we were saying, but they recognized the tune. It was such a sweet experience and the best way to contact is through talents!

Every week I am going to study 1 Christ-like attribute and this week was esperanza, or hope in English words. Hope is more powerful than I realized! I will let you study it for yourselves, but let me tell you some things that I hope for. I hope that we find people who are ready every day. I hope that we can teach with the spirit in every lesson. I hope that they have this drink called “Simba” in the States because it is what we drink in the celestial kingdom! I hope that school is good for those that are on the final stretch of this year. I hope that work is bearable and that you are finding ways to enjoy it. I hope that the FAM is happy and loving each other.

I hope you know that I love every one of you. Hope you realize that our Father in Heaven loves you way more than I do! I hope you know that because He loves you, He gave His Beloved Son. Out of that love, Christ performed the Atonement and He died for YOU. Because when we do stupid things, the repentance process is where we find real hope. I hope you know that He lives. He talks with the Prophet and Apostles in this day! What do you think they talk about? YOU. I hope you know that He is ever so mindful of you. But if you do not know these things, esta bien. Simply hope to know them! I promise that the hope will grow. With real intent and some effort, you will know. I will always still be on the journey of knowing light and truth! But these things I actually know with a surety. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!

Sigue Sonriendo -Elder Daybell

Elementary School Celebration  5.12.16


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