Week Five in Yunguyo


Buenas! How are you all feeling this day? P-day is such a great invention. The Brethern do know what they are doing. I hope your P-day is going really awesome today!

Sunday was strange because it was the first time that we didnt give the talks. And we sang “Till We Meet Again” to start the sacrament meeting LOL. It was just so awkward we laughed.

I got a little sick on Wednesday! The rule in South America is do not eat the street food. The rule in Yunguyo is do not eat the street food, unless it is these hamburgers with salchipapa and fries loaded on it! But without lettuce. The pension gave us some with lettuce one night, and I suffered the consequences. I was on the toilet for the first half of the day. Saying desperate prayers that my intestines would remain in thier proper place. It felt like a cat on herione was inside my stomach trying to claw itself out. Or a chicken with very large talons. It was a good experience. Then that night we travelled to Puno for divisiones… We thought that I was going to poop my pants on the 2 hour trip! But I have survived another week in Peru without pooping the pantalones. BLESSED!

The next day was great because we did divisiones with the zone leaders! Zone Bellavista has some beautiful views (ironically). You can see Los Uros, the islands made out of reeds, from the zone leaders balcony thing. So jealous of Powell because he got to do service on them… One day. Their sector has a ton of stairs and hills, so my lungs got a major work out! The work is so nice there. They had almost 200 kids in a Primary Program! We have 8 kids. But soon to be 5 more when Hna. Evangelina starts coming to church!! WEEHOO. We had a lesson with that FAM and her oldest son, Richard, was there finally. I dont know if I have told you about him yet. He dropped out of school just this week.. And his 20 year old friends talk about how God is not real and get him drunk. So messed up! But we testified real hard on the BOM and about how Jose Smith was real confused because he didnt know who to believe, and so he prayed and found his answer. I felt the spirit way strong of the Restoration. I just hope that he actually prays! It is a simple formula to have the Spirit as a companion, but Satan tries hard in many ways to put the distance between us and our Father! Through distractions, temptations, doubts, and other real problems that surround us. Dont let him do that to you okay?

We are actually in Puno right now. We are having a zone dinner to help motivate a few missionaries in the diligence department. We brought that Simba drink, so I know that the missionaries are going to get a boost to work hard. I am praying that it goes great! It is going to be way fun. I will tell you about it next week maybe. I love and miss you all! Pray for the Spirit to be with you and then study Uchtdorfs called, “He Will Place You On His Shoulders and Carry You Home.” I love it. Firstly, he talks about why you are even worth saving. Secondly, he describes obedience so perfectly! Obedience is really awesome. I love the principle of to obey, upon which all blessings are predicated. IT IS RIGHTEOUS.

Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


Simba drink


The place where I receive gnarly revelation for the people of Yunguyo every morning!


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