Week Six in Yunguyo

¡No Viajamos!

We didn’t have to travel today! First Pday that I didn’t ride in a stinky convey. It has been so nice. We walked over to the Lake and took pictures of flamingos(yeah, flamingos live at 12,000 ft. in the Andes, who knew?), we got haircuts, we took a real nice shower! Separately. We took the showers separately. It has been a recharge of a day!

I don’t take a cold shower anymore. It is getting pretty dang freezing as we are going into winter here. We have these water heaters to make our water drinkable, and we heat up water into a bucket to shower. I can’t even take the cold water now! Hace frio.

Other things that happened this week: Last Monday Zone dinner was the greatest! We walked around the touristy part of Puno after email. We saw other white people which was a different experience. Then we ate a mountain of food and watched a slideshow. Guess what music the zone leaders chose for it? “Be Still” by The Killers and “Wait” by Kygo. Yeah I have the best mish music. We play futbol y volleyball with a bunch of kids every Saturday. It is too get news and get our less active jovenes to come to church the next day! They laugh at us because we are huge, but they wont play basketball with us for some reason.. It is way fun! Although my trash talk is still limited in Spanish. Another nice thing is Joseph, the son of our pension, moved back to here for his break. He is studying in Puno to be a Chef, so we are eating like Kings for the next two months! It is like the Peruvian restaurant in Provo! The other day I ate Kau Kau, which is the stomach of a cow. It had a really weird texture but I wasn’t going to ask Powell what it was until after I ate it LOL.

We start a new change with today! They closed Juli for missionaries so now there is only us and 2 more in Ilave. We were scared that we might get closed because our rama is so small, but thankfully we did not! Right now we are the only missionaries for a 2 hour radius due to the changes! Which is pretty sweet.

Entonces, we are teaching this Family Ucharico now. They are less actives and one of the kids, Lehi, is not baptized. We committed him to baptism, but not a date yet. Here is the pretty neat experience I had this week: The mom was rambling for like ten minutes (she can talk para siempre) and the spirit was burning inside me to say this. I told them that God has been waiting to bless them. And we let Him do that through our actions of faith! Which is obedience to what He asks. Last week I told you about how I love obedience. A few years ago, I would have been really confused by someone who said that! It used to be something that we had to do. Being on the mission, I realize how sweet the principio actually is. With every commandment, comes a blessing. And the blessings always far outweigh the commandment!! I am telling all of you that our God, our Heavenly Father, is waiting to bless you. We receive those through our acting in faith, obedience. Having seen both sides of the line, I PROMISE that it is more than worth it to follow Him! Sending much love from Peru! Keep killing it at life and all that stuff.

Sigue Sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


Sleep Over with the Zone Leaders! Ludlow, Mann, Daybell, and Powell


Fabiana and I (daughter of my pension)


Flamingos in the Andes!!


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