Week Seven in Yunguyo


Well, this week was horrible. LOL I am just kidding it was way good! We have 7 new investigadores… It was sweet! One of them plays with us every Saturday at the church. We went out to visit his family in this place called Ollaraya. Seriously way beautiful. It is a pueblo up this channel of the lake and you can see the higher moutains with snow in the back. Whole town is related I think.. and they all work in fish nets! His name is John Olivar and he is so humble and prepared, but his mom isn’t too excited for us. We taught both of them at their house and it is the most dejavu moment I have had out here. Don’t know what that means! But I will update you on who gets progressing this change. Our branch president moved to Bolivia… So we don’t have one anymore. It might be me, but it is still up in the air! The district president that is acting as branch president right now has big plans. He also has big ears. We call him Albertears, because his name is Albaracin. But we 3 are going to work together and save this branch!

So we teach English in the chapel two nights a week. The only people that come right now are 3 kids. Powell was up there teaching and stuff, and I had the biggest revelation. The 3 kids look, act, and literally are the latino versions of Alvin and the Chimpmunks. I will send pictures! They look exactly like them and have the same exact personalities! Towards the end of the lesson, Theodore and Simon were wrestling and Alvin was running off crazy and Powell tries to take control, “Alvin?… Alvin! ALLLLVVVVIIIINN!” He even looks like Dave, I died. We told them they have those names because when you pass the first English lesson you get an English name LOL. After they were asking the meaning of a bunch of swear words in English. We taught them a super bad word! We wrote it on the board, “Baptize me.” The chipmunks were laughing and trying their best to pronounce, “baptize me, baptize me!” Good times.

My experience spiritual this week was doing some service. Mamá Cristina, one of the most faithful and sweet ladies in the world, had to move a lot of stuff out of this one housish room thing to her place. The church pays for her house and food and everything because her husband is waiting for her in paradise. She is going to get the BIGGEST mansion after this life though! She was crying while we were moving these things because she hasn’t had her own house in forever. After we finished, she kept saying “gracias papí, gracias papíto, gracias papí” and crying and praying out loud of gratitude. It was the best feeling ever! First service project in the mission! I hope you all are serving people with your smiles and your friendship and however else you can find a way! Because it is the best feeling ever. Well, I love you all and miss you too!

Sigue Sonriendo! -Elder Daybell


Doing service for Mamá Cristina


Alvin and the Chipmunks LOL


We found a dead guy. He was breathing! Borracho!


Presidente Pater y Hermana Andrea! They have moved to La Paz. The next branch president is the gringo in the middle.


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