Week Eight in Yunguyo


This week has been a longer one! We had really hard time having people open their doors and let us teach, but we are not discouraged. It is the mission ya feel? And being discouraged is totally for the natural man. I honestly don’t have much to talk about this week though… just walk up and down the street you live on 200x every day this week and you will feel what we did this week LOL.

I am in Cusco right now though! Spent today travelling in a nice bus and it was NICE. The bus from Yunguyo to Puno is really stinky and our legs fell asleep before we even left. But from Puno to Cusco it is like I was a king! Tomorrow I fly to Lima to sign some paper for my visa and fly back the same day. WEEHOO! Powell is working with an Elder in Puno and I am with a guy from Colombia who has to sign those papers too. Elder Diaz from Colombia! He does not know English, so I have been nodding and smiling like I know what is going on today. Good times! We went to Plaza Vea and I ate Papa Johns… crazy huh? There is tourist stuff here and white people too. I am kind of in culture shock LOL. But mostly, I am in fatherless shock because Elder Powell isn’t here! He is such a great dad for my mission and I was simply blessed with the best! It is going to be weird when he leaves back into your world after this change.. I pity the fool, but the mission has to end sometime! I know that he is going to do great things.

I don’t know what else to say.. so I can tell you all some gringo stories? Okay sweet. This old guy came up to us the other week and asked, “you are gringos huh?” and I was like duh yes. Then he smiled and looked as if he had just figured out the craziest mathematical equation ever and he told us, “ohhhhh yeahh. I thought so. You look a little bit different.” Then he mumbled a bunch of stuff in Aymara (that Lamanite dialect only in Yunguyo and Bolivia) and went on his way. Now every time we see him he smiles so big with his 2 teeth! We can’t really teach him because we can’t understand him.. but he is going to love the gospel someday! Yunguyo is the best. Everybody acts like it is a crap sector in the mission. Yeah, it is not Cusco or the jungle, but people live there and the people is why we are here. I am honestly so happy to just be on the mish. So I am going to serve like the apostle Paul and I will see you all in 30 years.

Random thing that is kind of spiritual. If you feel ever “weak in the heart” I would ask that you realize that you are super loved. By me! But more by Heavenly Father. The first thing we teach anybody is that “Dios is nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial.” It is the most basic and evident truth that we remind people of. Fortify your testimony of that essential doctrine this week and I will also! Because it helps in every aspect of life. Being positive, finding renewed purpose, and just having that eternal perspective that makes living life awesome during trials or during the good times! I have realized that living is easy and even exciting when you are close to God. I have probably said that already. But it is like super true I literally cant even.

Love you all! Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


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