Week Nine in Yugunyo

Feliz Dia de el Padre!

Happy Fathers Day! Hope that it was still a good one without the favorite son at the home. THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE. It would have taken another month to arrive at Yunguyo, but since I was up at Cusco last week I was able to get it. We ate some banana nut cereal this morning and been jamming to some great missionary appropriate tunes. You really know me! I am trying so hard to eat the oatmeal crème pies slowly…

So we only had one day where we woke up and slept in our area a full day this week. Because I went to Lima and then we had zone conference on Saturday as well. Lima was really hot and a good time! I was in a trio with a Colombiano Elder Diaz and a Boliviano Elder Carrasco. Then like 5 hermanas came too. Carrasco left the MTC with me and he is such a good dude. I really hope that I can be companions with him later in my mission! The office always puts the gringo Elder in charge of everything, so that was me. They gave me a ton of passports and tickets and just said “Don’t lose these and your plane leaves at 4 in the morning.” It all worked out, although they forgot to give us a paper. We just had to wait like all day in migraciones, and luckily I don’t have to do it again! In other news, Peru is out of Copa America because they suck. And the US lost against Colombia.. I am talking about futbol to those that are naive, but it is okay I wasn’t converted to the sport until I moved to South America.

We have so many investigadores, but we don’t have any coming to church. Patience is a big thing on the mission, and I know is a big thing in life LOL. But I don’t have much time to write about them this week.. We have to travel to Puno again. I will tell you all about it next week! But we aren’t going to be in our sector for ANOTHER week. And for those family and friends that write me, (you know who you are) thank you so much! I know that I don’t always write back.. But I will eventually I promise! Every email that I have gotten so far I have appreciated a ton. Please continue to update me on your life and everything! Sorry I don’t have any funny stories this time, but I will make up for it once I stop travelling and actually work LOL.

The mission is still the best. Elder Powell is still the best. Life is still the best. Keep being you! And keep gaining those positive inches in your life! This Pday I have been thinking a lot about how many amazing friends and family that I have. I have been blessed beyond measure and I am blessed beyond measure to be able to live my covenants to the fullest by sharing this gospel and serving each and every day. Hope you are all happy and I hope you all miss me so much.

Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


How Elder Powell studies


The Lima Crew


How Elder Powell studies part2


On top of the Snake with Waiki hats (they use them working in the fields)


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