Week Ten in Yugunyo


Interesting… This week was. It was Elder Powells turn to go to Cusco. Why we didn’t go together? I have no idea. I am going to give you a day to day break down because it was that way!

Tuesday- I worked in Mirador Puno with Elder Mallqui from Lima. His name is Quechua for arbol which is Spanish for tree which is English for Khokga which is Aymara. I didn’t take enough pics up there but google it! The sector feels so high because you are looking over all of Puno. The only English he knows is songs and movie quotes and so I was able to practicar mi Español. It was sweet! Their pension cooks way good food too.

Wednesy- Mallqui and I worked until about 4 and then went to pick up our real companions at the terminal. Elder Powell and I ate and then bought these sweet tire shoes! It is what the Waikis wear, so we look so stylish. I cant wait to wear them to the beach in like 2 years LOL. Then divisions started at 6 and I was with Elder Mann and we had a crazy lesson I will tell you about.


Thursday- All day with Elder Mann working in his sector. We LOLed the entire time because he is awesome. He went to Provo High, but graduated a year older! We had some awesome lessons. One kid that they teach, we taught his mom and aunt that had never let the missionaries in before. We totally broke barriers and laughed with them. I love these people.

Friday- all day in a chapel. President Harbertson gave his farewell and then interviews our entire zone. The whole day was filled with trainings from the APs and zone leaders and role plays. It was a good day! President and I talked for like 4 minutes in the interview, but it was crazy how much it pumped me up to progress faster and to work harder! It is easy to go through the motions on the mission, but I cant let that happen! I love Presidente y Hermana Harbertson. And I am so excited for the new one this week! I will tell you all how he is when he arrives ya.

Saturday y Sunday- FINALLY in our area again. We worked as much as we could, but of course are numbers were bad this week. It was a good week. But honestly, we are scared they might close our district of 4 elders because so many are leaving and very few are coming to the mission. We are going to work so hard this full week and half of next, so that the new president knows that they cannot close us. It is soo nice to be in home sweet Yunguyo mio.

Yeah that crazy lesson we had… So Elder Mann and I are looking for this lady that they teach, but found some guy instead named Jhonathon. He was working in a little store, but willing to talk with us, so we taught him standing up right there. We taught the Restoration, but it seemed more like we were just reminding him of it because he was super prepared by God. We told him about the prophet we have and he was like “ohhh yeah.” Explained the priesthood and why it needed to be restored and he was just understanding! In his eyes, it was as if he was remembering and life was making sense to him. In the lesson, we read James 1:5 and then I read vs 6 and talked about how we need to ask with faith. He asked us, “How do we do that? How do we have enough faith for that?” Mann looked at me and I had NO IDEA what to say… I looked at the ground clueless for like 15 seconds. And then the Spirit totally took over! The question came to me as I was saying it, “I sometimes feel like I don’t have enough faith, do you feel that way too?” He replied yes, and then I told him about how having even a little bit of faith is enough. Even the desire to know is all that we need! Every single person starts out with only a little bit of faith. We can grow that little faith, if we desire, by action. By praying and reading the scriptures! Searching with just that little amount is all that we need and we will find answers and our faith will grow. The spirit was super strong the entire lesson, you could feel it in the room teaching him. And what is sweet is that Mann told me that my Spanish was perfect at that part and my Spanish is never perfect. We had the biggest smiles as we were saying the closing prayer and setting up another appointment. Then we totally freaked out walking down the street about how amazing that experience was. I love being a missionary. I love teaching this perfect message. I love teaching with the Spirit. It is kind of the only way to teach, but it is just so awesome! And so real. This church stuff is SO REAL.

I hope you all love me. Because I love you! Keep smiling pls.

Sigue Sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


Views from Mirador


Yankees! My stylish tire shoes



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