Week Eleven in Yugunyo

Estoy vivo todavía!

Im still alive! We hiked Cerro Apu Khapia. We were up at 15,778 ft. It was literally breaktaking! Like I thought that my lungs are adjusted, but I could not breathe. Some weird dudes have bonfires up there some nights. So I am glad that we lived! We sang the star spangled banner at the top because HBD America! This week was literally the best! Our numbers are the best they have ever been, and we didn’t have to travel the entire week! We showered every other day because it is Elder Powells last week and he wants to work! He is a stud. I will give you some highlights!

Firstly, we taught a family that is awesome out in the little pueblo of Ollaraya. The first time we went out there, we taught a teen and his mom, and Powell saw a vision of teaching a whole family. WE TOTALLY DID. Uncles and cousins and grandparents. This whole pueblo goes to one church at the top of a hill and the uncle of this family we are pretty sure is the pastor dude. So if he reads the BOM, we are going to baptize the entire pueblo! It will be righteous.

Another cool thing: we have 4 people with a baptism date. 3 of them are siblings! I had an impression to contact this guy with his wife and little kid. I ignored it, then I was like “yeah we should go contact that family down the street.” So we walked over there casually, made it look like we were going someplace, and we have taught the dad (Juan) with his siblings (Atony and Camilla). The two bros are super humble! Juan has 22 years and Atony has 15. The fourth with date is an answer we had to our fasting and praying last week. The day of the fast this guy called Rolando, came to church. He told us he is not active but wants to get back to church. We were like, “SWEET.” Then he tells us that he as an 11 year old daughter that isn’t baptized!! Fasting works. Her name is Gabby and she is super ready, although her dad isn’t sure if she is. She totally wants to learn and just believes. Righteous right?

Want to hear a neat experience? Yeah, I am going to tell it anyways. Because I DO WHAT I WANT.

I have never had many spiritual experience of the Book of Mormon before the mission. I knew it was true! But mostly because it is obvious that an uneducated boy didn’t write a book with different sounding authors, stories, parables, and prophesies of future events that also happens to agree with the Bible completely. So now that I am actually reading the Book of Mormon every single day, I am starting to have some more spiritual witnesses. Coincidence? I think not! And these experiences are 10x more powerful than any logical reasoning has.

When we were in Ollaraya, we taught Alypio (uncle of the fam) about the BOM and he got sketched out. He pulled out all these Bible verses on us how we are going to be damned if we stray from what the Bible says! I testified “with all of my heart” that the Book of Mormon and the Bible are the word of God. That with this additional scripture, we become closer to Christ. The Book of Mormon has the power to comfort, teach, bring happiness, and convert. I am a witness of these things! When I testified, the spirit hit me super strong, over my entire body. It was super neat. Then Powell explained (like a boss) how it is a different book, prophets, and places in the world, but they say the same thing. They both are needed for a fullness of the gospel! That eased him a little, and he agreed to read 3 Nefi 11. Which is a way good chapter by the way 😉

I love my family and friends! And whoever else is reading this, you are really weird.

Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


Hike Cerro Apu Khapia


Chilling with Mamí Cristina


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