Week Twelve in Yugunyo

The Death of Elder Jackson C. Powell

We have lost a valiant stud of a missionary in the Peru Cusco mission this week. It is Elder Powells turn to go home! He isn’t literally dead, no worries. I have noticed that time out here is insane. I feel like I had two days with Elder Powell, but so many things happened in those two days. I am going to miss that dude! He has been such a good dad (trainer) and has taught be loads. Above all, he has been a friend! And we have a friendship that will be an eternity! My new companion is called Elder Segura. I will be meeting him tomorrow… I have been praying that he is ready to work in Yunguyo mio. I am so happy that he is Latino, so that I can master this language I need to be speaking LOL.

This week has been different. I killed (sent home) Elder Powell on Saturday morning, and I have been with the zone leaders ever since. It has been fun to work in the trio with Elder Mann and Elder Guevara! Elder Mann and I stay up talking way to late about life, the gospel, and Star Wars. Which pretty much are all the same thing. I feel like I know their pension better than my own, because we are here way too much! Can’t wait to get back to my little pueblo of a sector. I don’t have many people to talk about, because you won’t know them. Most of my work has been in the zone leaders sector. But I called Presidente AlberEars in Yunguyo and he said that we had 49 at church!! When I arrived we had like 25 on average, so the work is moving forward thanks to the Lord.

OH!! I met the new president this week! Presidente Herrera. I can’t really say his name because I can’t roll my Rs to save my life.. If I can roll them by the end of my mission, regardless I had success. PERO, ÈL ES LO MAXIMO. He has 45 years only, so he may be the first Latino apostle after his service here. He has 7 year old and 5 year old daughters that weren’t able to come down to Puno.. Can’t wait to meet them though! He grew up and was baptized at 16 in Lima, but he has been living in Tacna, Peru as stake president for a long time. Listen to this: during our conference, he talked about always smiling and having a positive attitude! Those two things are like the only things I can say that I am good at in the entirety of the gospel LOL. It’s obvious he is meant to be my president. Because he also said “take it easy” in English. Exactly like Nachoooooooo Libre. Another evidence. I AM PUMPED.

Honestly, the mission is the best. I could talk about everything I love, but I am too lazy to write that much. But if someone who is worthy simply decides not to go on a mission, they are making the biggest mistake of their life. A missionary grows, in the gospel, the amount a normal LDS man takes 20 years to do that doesn’t choose to serve. And the gospel is everything! It is literally eternity that we decide with our daily decisions. I can’t describe how happy I am every single day because of the mission! I have said it once and I will say it again.. I literally can’t even.

Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


Snow Day


Last recuerdo letter to President Harbertson


Our kids learning English (kind of)


This puppy is as dead as Elder Powell.


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