Week Thirteen in Yugunyo


I am the only White person within an2 hour radius… Feels awesome. I never realized how White I was until I came to Yunguyo Mio. A lot has happened this week! Elder Segura, my new companion, is a BOSS. If I had a dollar for every time that I have been chastised and humbled these past four days, I would have made more money than I did selling pest control last summer. Elder Segura is way obedient, letter to the law of Moses, and doesn’t hesitate to tell me my faults. I have been repenting and trying to be happy about it. My natural man has been screaming at me inside! It is honestly exactly what I needed. It has definitely been a battle of becoming more humble, each and every day.

Elder Segura is from Lima, and he pretty much knows English, but we only speak it sometimes when we are planning at night. He was baptized at 16! He has just come from the jungle sector, Puerto Maldaldo, and into the freezing sector. I waited for him until Thursday, so I worked at Mirador again with Elder Ordoñez from Honduras. It was sweet, Ordoñez was Elder Powells companion right before me, and he is really easy to get along with. Elder Segura and I get along too! But it isn’t as natural, and we will find a rhythm soon. I am so happy Elder Segura is my companion here! We work hard and he is always instructing me on the missionary that I need to be for the Lord and for these people.

I am more tired that I have been, which is really good. We wake up at 6 now so that we can shower in the mornings. He showers cold… I have become addicted to using the bucket and water heaters. We have one more with date that we are teaching! The two that come to church are Gabby and Atony. Gabby is a daughter of a recently rescued less active. And Atony is a joven of 15 años that is super willing to listen and just knows. He comes to church early! I wish I had things that figured out at that age. Life is good! The work is good! The companion is good! Hope you are all loving life and trying to think of others more than yourself! That is the key for real.

Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


Buen dia una hoy con su nuevo compañero!    Elder Segura and Elder Daybell


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