Week Fourteen in Yugunyo

Día de Preparacíon es hoy este semana!

My Pday is today this week! We had a conference with Zone Juliaca, Puno Central and us. President came and taught us with the Spirit and we ate some real good cake too! I finally got to meet his wife and 2 little girls. Super cute FAM. I will tell you more about it later.

My emails might be getting a little shorter now. Because I am going to write everyone that actually writes me first, and then write this mass email. MAKES MORE SENSE.

This week has been real good! Elder Segura and I are working hard and he is helping me be more EXACT obedient, which is obviously what I need. It is what the Lord expects of me! We do differ in opinions sometimes and get in discussions. I would say arguments, but we all know that missionaries don’t argue right? We are just kind of different. I tell him that about our personalities (which is a nice way of saying that I am not a robot), but overall we actually get along really well! I don’t have problems getting along with people. But I am too blunt sometimes. We are all a work in progress! And honestly, I love Elder Segura like a brother. Él es lo maximo. It has only been the start of the change, and I have learned loads.

One thing: about the difference between obedience and exact obedience. I always knew that being disobedient and lazy is not an option for me. But there is a monumental difference in only obeying and obeying with exactness. Speaking of which, our hour is almost up to write. And so I am going to be continuing this thing I have been learning the next time…

I love you all! Keep being awesome okay? And enjoying life to the fullest with the Spirit by your side!

Sigue Sonriendo!

-Elder Daybell


My scripture cases!



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