Week Fifteen in Yunguyo

Estoy cansado…

I am tired… And I love it! I am more tired than I have ever been on the mission, and I have made a goal to be this tired or more for the rest of it!!

So updates: we have 3 progressing with a baptism date. Gabby and Atony are on the 13th of august and David is on the 20th. They are all super Elect and come to church by themselves! Reading the BOM every day and they are willing to keep the commandments. They are all jovenes tambien. We are going to have 4 more in September too! We don’t know who yet, but we have set the goal and it is going to happen once we find them.

Elder Segura and I are getting along much better too! One night I was on my knees pleading for many things. Praying for how to get along, how to get this negative thoughts out of my head and repenting mucho. The Spirit said this to me: “You are thinking of yourself too much. Focus your mind on what really matters, the people you are called to serve, and all the rest will fall into place. You will get along with your companion, you will not have negative thoughts, you will find it easier to obey and you will retain a remission of your sins.” Guess what? TOTALLY WORKED. The Spirit is so right like all of the time. I am grateful for this opportunity that I have learning to rely more on the grace of His Atonement. I cant explain the joy the gospel brings! Think I have said that already no? We are in the truth! You are all great. Keep being great. And rememeber…

Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


Elder Segura and I with our city behind


Preaching the good Word to my district.


Los Elderes de Districto Kharsiri (yo, E. Segura, E. Aguilar, E. Bordon)


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