Week Seventeen in Yunguyo

3 Neat Things

I will start with the least important one: an old drunk guy tried to kiss me. We were just listening to him talk about how random stuff and when I shook his hand to say bye, he pulled me in for a hug, looked up at me, and JUST WENT FOR IT. Well, I guess that he mumbled out “bonito es” before, so at least he knows how to give a compliment. He didn’t plant it though, I am too quick! We laughed a good laugh.

The second neat thing is that I ate cuy! Which is the famous hamster meal of Perú. It was actually way good, and I want to eat it again. Saturday we went to Pres. Hilarios field as a rama, and he has a cuy farm. It was super fun to see the animals right before we ate them! They also gave us chuño (the rotten feet potato), but I gave mine to the kids because they don’t have taste buds. I think everyone here who likes chuño had their taste buds destroyed when their parents gave it to them as children.

Third neat thing: BAPTISMS. I think this thing was the neatest of them all! I have already told you all that I can’t really explain the feeling of joy the Spirit brings to me. The whole time the Spirit was thick in the room and the members of the entire little rama of Yunguyo were all way happy! Gabby Chipana was baptized by her father and I had the privilege to baptize Atony Vilca. I have already talked about them right? Hope so… It has been so amazing to see the change. Gabby is sort of a kid, so she already had the light the gospel brings. But when we first met Atony, he was just a shy 15 yr. old with a lot of questions about life. Now he is super friendly to everyone and always smiling! It is amazing how the Gospel does that. It all started when he began reading the Book of Mormon too! A testament to me that the word of God is the key to conversion. The Spirit guided us to them, the Spirit is how they were taught, and the Spirit did basically all. The Lord works miracles when one has faith (works) and is obedient! I love those principles. Well, I love all the principles that Christ has taught us really. I love you all! We have another baptism next week! And also changes, So that will be an exciting time.. Keep emailing me and send me stuff too! Remember, who don’t have to be family to send me a package! 😉

Sigue Sonriendo -Elder Daybell


First time bringing people to the fold of God through baptism!


First time eating cuy!


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