Week Eighteen in Yunguyo

Me voy a Cusco


I am going to Cusco! A ward of 300plus people… Going to be a dramatic change from Yunguyo branch. It is the same ward the Presidente Herrera and his family are in too! Guess who my companion is? Elder Carrasco!! The only other Elder from my group in the CCM that is still in the mission! I am going to District Leader also. Which means I am going to learn even more how to rely on the Lord, because I am definitely not prepared without His divine help! I am super excited for this chance I have to learn and to help motivate other stellar missionaries!


This week, we baptized David Tito! He is 14, but seems more 16. And he has so much faith! Elder Powell and I met him playing basketball and in English class too. At first, he couldn’t come to church because of feria, but his faith has grown so much! Now he wakes up at 4:00am to help his parents set up to sell, then he can make it on time for the sacrament. STUD. I know his family is going to be baptized one day too. They just need to put their trust in the Lord that Día de Reposo will bless them in work.


I have been blessed to see much growth happen in this branch that is small in number but grand in spirit! When I arrived we had around 20 coming to church, now the average is 40 and I have no doubt Elder Segura is going to keep it up! We even have a teachers quorum now! Atony Vilca, David Tito, Jean Carlos, and Wilber Atony. They get along super well and are excited to bring all their friends into the church as well. STUDS. It is funny because Atony is a lot like my personality and David is a lot like the personality of Elder Segura. And it is both dudes we helped enter the waters of baptism together.


I think one of my favorite things about being a missionary is watching ones faith grow as they keep commitments and watch the blessings come. I can never get tired of testifying of the power and reality of the Atonement. Without fail, the Spirit is present when we talk of the miracle of repentance with someone. It naturally changes hearts! And it has surely caused a change of heart in me. I am gratefully for this perfect message and our perfect Savior!


Sigue Sonriendo, Elder Daybell


The new of the street:… Market of Yunguyo


Mirror selfies:… Mirror selfies with David Tito and Atony Vilca


Gabriella Chipana thinking she is cool


David and Family Tito


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