Week Nineteen in Cusco


The title says it all. City livin´ is the best! Well, I do miss the field and tranquilo of Yunguyo.. And I do miss all the people there way more! But I am happy to be in the great city of CUSCO. I am happy at wherever I am at though, because it is where I am at. Our sector, San Jeronimo, is huge and the members are awesome! My companion is awesome, Elder Carrasco, and we were already good friends because we arrived together. If you want a description of my companion and you know my friends, he is Mattias Malzl. The way he talks, his body language, and his personality are all igualitos de mi buen amigo Mattias. Way nice Elder and we have a way nice room! And a hot shower… sometimes I think I miss the bucket shower, but then I realize this is quite more civil and cleansy.

The Elder that I am replacing was a little relaxed, and so we don’t have any investigators or inactivos that are progressing. But all is well because I like when things are more challenging and difficult! Makes it way more fun.  And the members here are amazing! All willing to invite there friends and come with us to appointments and give references! Which honestly makes life much more eficaz as a missionary.  If you don’t help the missionaries where you live (or don’t know who they are) it’s okay because you can repent and then start helping them! I am telling you this as a friend. Because I am a missionary to the people or Peru, but only a friend or family to you all. If you want to assist in the greatest work that you could every do, begin helping in the work of the Lord. It can be super small! Pray for someone who is struggling in faith, going through a hard trial, or doesn’t really know of the blessings that are here in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You might be thinking, “We are in Utah Elder Daybell, please.” And to that I would say: do not be too at ease in Zion that you let yourself or a loved one casually slip in the many snares of the adversary. Ask your Father in Heaven how you can help His work in these crucial last days! I promise you as a friend, that new light and joy will come into your life as you do so.

All good over in the Andes! My pension used to be a chef, so I am going to get a little fat here.. La comida es ricisimo la verdad! I am trying to serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength! The greatest blessing is to be able to deny myself and turn outward every single day! There is no other comparable joy than that of this Gospel and helping others come unto it. Can I get an amen?

Sigue sonriendo, Elder Daybell


of the city: View of San Jernoimo from our apartment


of the kids: Peruano version of Samuel (acts the exact same)


My companion, Elder Carrasco



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