Week Twenty in Cusco

Heart, Might, Mind, y Strength

We are having some progression here! We more than doubled our lessons and now have 2 with a baptism date. One, Gonzalo, has 50ish years and lives alone because he is divorced and his kids are with the mom. He has been coming to church for almost a year, but the missionaries have never baptized him yet! So it wasn’t too hard to find him, the Lord blesses. The other is Carlos Sanchez, another joven of 15 years that is super ready to pray and read and do all those things that qualify us for baptism and eventually for salvation! I seem to always find the teens that are super prepared. I am super excited! And want to find a family… I am going to help a whole family in this sector.

I don’t have a funny story for you in my mind right now.. Just the usual like dogs almost killing us. They have packs of wild dogs in Peru. Some are nice and be our friend, but others hate that we are alive and walking down their street. Elder Carrasco loves every dog. I would even say that he has charity for them! Whenever I try to defend myself with a rock that is “too big” he is on the dogs’ team… JAJAJA I love my companion. In an Elder-to-Elder kind of way.

I am tired and happy. Physically tired, yeah. But more so emotionally and spiritually tired. I am learning how to really pray, study, think, and live for the people of Peru. I am slowly but surely developing compassion for every individual that I talk to during the day. Which is a lot of people! But it is exhausting spiritually. A mission could be easy if I came here and went through the motions and didn’t serve with my heart. But it’s not supposed to be easy! The reason the mission is hard, when the people won’t accept or believe in the one thing that means the most to me. This message of hope is one that has saved me! My heart is sad when a person I love has a heart that is hard. I can’t even imagine how Christ felt on many occasions, when the people He came to save, wouldn’t listen to the message that He shared. He shared it with so much power and love too! But in the end, they rejected and killed Him. I am here to make that Sacrifice count, one more person at a time. That is what gives me even more motivation! I LOVE THE MISSION. If you couldn’t tell. And I love you! Recuerda…

Sigue  Sonriendo! ‘Elder Daybell





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