Week Twenty-One in Cusco


Let me explain… In the missions of SurAmerica, a trainer is a dad. Meaning a missionary being trained is the kid. We are all just a big happy family in the mission! And I am now a proud father of Elder Espinoza de Lima! It was an emergency change. He was originally born (started) in Yunguyo, taking my place with my old companion. But they fought a little bit while he was missing his family, so he decided to go home. As he waited in the offices of Cusco, he talked with President a bunch and was studying the scriptures. He has decided to stay! And I am to train him, as an adoptive padre. I am really thankful for the opportunity! Although I never got the ”required” training to prepare to be trainer of a new missionary, it hasn’t been much time since my own training so I remember a lot! I am really grateful for this responsibility. The assistances’ told me that it is an even greater trust because I am not just training anyone, but a missionary that was SUPER close to going home. The biggest thing that I am trying to do is show the love that Heavenly Father has for him and his decision to stay. And we are working DURAZO so that the homesickness leaves. I hope that my excitement for the work of the mission is contagious! Because Elder Espinoza is really awesome. He has a willing and humble heart, which is enough to see miracles! This change happened Thursday, and I already love him like an Elder hijo mio.

We have 3 with date now!  Oct. 1st, the birthday of my dad and sister, Paul y Keslee, we are going to help 3 enter the waters of baptism. How gnarly is that? We are also working with a ton of less actives, trying to rescue the lost sheep. A neat experience I had this week…

My first baptismal interview. I have the privilege to interview anyone baptism that is going to happen in our district. The Hermanas have one next week! OH SIDE NOTE: Hermana Ream in my district is in my grade and she went to my Jr. High and high school. So it could be really neat, but she doesn’t remember me… She remembers all my popular friends, but I was a loser obviously. I think it could also be the luscious long hair I had back in those days. I give her a hard time all the time! And told all the members of the ward in my testimony that she doesn’t even remember me, so the 250 mas miembros give her a hard time too jajaj.

Anyway, the interview was sweet. I felt the spirit super strong! It is awesome to see the end product of what the Gospel can do. A complete change of heart and a sure knowledge that has been given from the Holy Ghost. It made me think about how she knows many things more confidently than I did at 15 years old. It is important to search for answers and a chance to feel the Spirit always. You know how to search, but sometimes we lack action. I hope that you can search to feel the Spirit this week. God wants to strengthen your testimony every day! But we must strive to do our part by desiring and acting. I am eternally grateful for my testimony and that I can continue to develop it for the rest of my life!

Sigue Sonriendo! –Elder Daybell




Grafitys de Cuzco


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