Week Twenty-Two in Cusco

Todavía Viviendo el sueno!

Still living the dream! I don’t have many funny stories to tell this week though. I am not as cool as I once was in my first sector because other white people are here. I even had a lesson with one that is here for humanitarian stuff! He asked me how I learn Spanish so fast and I told him about the Gift of Tongues. And to read the BoM in Spanish, because it is what has helped me the most! But yeah, because I am in the city only the little kids say “look gringo!” In my old pueblo area everyone would scream that, young and old, male and female, bond and free.

Our house and church is right in front of a college.. So yeah. It reminds me of my college days sometimes! Because Cusco is actually quite modern. It is still nothing like the States because of the culture difference, but my mission has all of the extremes and that is one other reason I love it. You can be in the 1600s in a little pueblo, or in a big city with a lot of tourists. I hope next it is the Amazon jungle…. POR FAVOR.

We have been searching for miracles every day in the work! And I have been noticing that often times I would overlook quite a few! Every night before praying I think of everything positive that happened in the day. It is amazing how merciful God is! When we actually humble ourselves, and acknowledge His hand in our lives we see life a little clearer to how it actually is. In one of the talks from this last conference, a General Authority said something like, “When we look at life through humble eyes, we begin to see the many little miracles that God gives us.” And what I would say to that quote is AMEN! I am grateful for a Heavenly Father that grants us so much. Please remember of your dependence on Him and that anything that you own is not yours. Then help someone else that doesn’t have as much! Whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual, others around us are suffering. And I know that you are amazing. And you are the answer to their prayer! Go out and KILL ‘EM. (to all you old people reading this, ‘kill em’ is a figure of speech, and not meant to be taken literally).

Sigue Sonriendo –Elder Daybell



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