Week Twenty-Three in Cusco

Lunes ya…

Monday already… The next week is going to be another change! Oh, how the times go super-fast. Our week was good! It was pretty slow in the work actually, but we keep gaining those inches in progression. I was feeling super down Thursday because of our numbers, but I have found in prayer that the Lord wants to teach me patience! He has loved to teach me that in my life, because I am not a natural at waiting patiently. I am working on it okay?!

We have been finding a lot of news! We contacted around 50 this last week, and this week focused on finding them. Many fell through, but some actually came to sacrament meeting! We talked to some guy late one night and he told us to visit his family. We met his family and told them what we do and who we represent, then invited them to church. The mom and two of her sons actually came! We haven’t even taught them yet, but Dios nos ama! Blessings on blessings on blessings.

My kid is doing great! He is super shy and has fear to try sometimes. So I have been literally putting him out there to do it. When someone asks a question, I will turn and look at my companion, making him to answer. I encourage him to start the conversation with people on the street by hitting him and saying, ‘confidence, confidence, CONFIDENCE.’ Not hitting him hard, but a little nudge of the elbow. No worries, I don’t abuse my hijo Eldercito. He always says, ‘too soon!’ but he knows that he can do it. It is all in the confidence! Elder Espinoza is the best! I have been learning a lot by training him.

I studied a single verse of scripture for about an hour today… I heard of people doing that, but I always thought that it would be way too boring. But it happened by accident today! I planned to study all the scriptures in the TG of ‘God, Will of.’ I started with Psalms 40:8 and didn’t get past there! The Holy Ghost hit me so hard with all these thoughts and feelings! I am still not done studying the verse… Revelation is real. I feel gratitude and am humbled every time that I receive knowledge from the Spirit. It is a blessing to have that Gift that we have! I want to tell you about everything that I study.. But maybe later. I am definitely studying an hour every morning when I am the big RM (return missionary). No use of your time is more entertaining and powerful! Keep that in mind this next weekend, when we have a Prophet and Apostles of God talk to us. To figure out how to enjoy studying the Gospel is by actually studying it!

I love you. I miss you. But only Pdays do I think of you. I am sorry.. Although I am always praying for you!

Sigue Sonriendo

p.s. The baptisms are on the 8th. Sorry Dad and Keslee, but General Conference is kind of important.


Exporing the best mission in the world!


Cristo Blanco


Views of CUZCO


Old Catholic Church


Statue of Tupac Amaru in the pueblo of Urcos


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