Week Twenty-Four in Cusco

La Batalla del Wayki y el Borracho

Conference was sweet, right? My heart was softened, my faith was strengthened, and my capacity to love the Lord increased! That is why I love general conference. I hope that you had many spiritual experiences and if not, you have the internet. Study and restudy the talks that were inspired by God! We are so lucky to live in these times. I never realized just how amazing it is to have a living Prophet and the Apostles. It is (literally) righteous!

We had a good time this week. We received a reference named Enrique that is bien prepared! He has been sober 19 years, but used to be a huge alcoholic. He has felt the power of the Atonement already from hitting rock bottom and climbing back up. He is leading a big rehab group now! The first time that we talked he told us that he feels good about life, but he keeps having the feeling that he lacks something. He told us that deep down he knows there is something else! I told him that he lacks making a covenant with God, which is baptism. The Holy Ghost has been prompting him to search, and he has found! The second time we taught him was on the Restoration. At the end, we explained the Book of Mormon and how he can pray and receive personal revelation. He told us that already he feels “more full” and feels more tranquil. I told him it is the Spirit and then we committed him to 5 of November to baptism! God is in the details of His glorious work.

Now to explain my title of this emailJ Translated, “The Battle of the Brother (Quechua) and the Drunk.” It was about mid-day and we were about to cross two-way street in our sector, when this drunk guy recognized us and ran over (every drunk recognizes servants of God, it’s strange). He started blabbering about something and we had to help him cross with us or he would have been ran over.  We made it to a middle walk-way, still with a busy street to go. The drunk caught sight of an old man sitting and selling some candy, which made him really angry for no reason. He walked up behind this 80-year old guy, and brought a fist to the top of his head! The old timer is from Cusco though… He stood up and round-house kicked the drunk with his stylish tire shoes! The drunk responded with a spit in the face, but the oldie had already picked up a rock. The old guy punched the drunks face repeatedly with a rock in hand as a weapon, as the alcoholic kept spitting (with an impressive amount of saliva) as defense.  Now imagine us, standing there with our jaws dropped, as this battle was taking place. I might have been laughing, but I don’t remember. Finally, we snapped out of shock because the intoxicated man almost staggered into a speeding bus. We saved the man, and took him to the other side of the street. We gave him a card of Jesus and I told him to stop drinking. ONLY IN PERU. What an adventure the mission can be.

Sigue Sonriendo –Elder Daybell


I see dead puppies everywhere I go


Birtday of the daughter of Walter (I) and Andrea (MA)


Part of my San Jeronimo


Be grateful for your kitchen



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