Week Twenty-Five in Cusco

Por fin lloré

No he llorado todo mi tiempo en la misión. Cuando me fui a mi casa, no. El CCM y en el campo tampoco. Pero por fin, llore. Y sentí tan bueno porque está bien llorar, aun para los varones! Que paso es un miembro de la iglesia, familiar de la pensión, esposo fiel y padre de cuatro hijos murió. Esta semana fue a poco triste y mi corazón duele mucho por esta hermosa familia, pero estoy tan agradecido que eran fieles a sus convenios del templo! Vivimos en tiempos maravillosos porque tenemos el conocimiento que familias puedan ser eternas! El poder del sacerdocio es una bendición que no pueda explicar. Sé que vive mi Señor  J

How are you though? First off, CONGRATS TO MY BROTHER DAXTON! That mission sounds like the second best mission in the world (right behind Peru Cusco). I have been freaking out on the news. If anyone else is able to serve and thinking about it; follow the example of my righteous bro and JUST DO IT. The experience will bless your life, moreover your eternity.  Shout out to my Uncle Lance and Aunt Jill for the package too. The real MVPs this week.

Our baptisms were great! We had two members do the baptizing, but the joy was the same! To see people enter the waters and a covenant with God is a feeling like no other. The first steps of salvation for Fabiola and Gonzalo! Fabiola has the same personality as my sista Amanda. Gonzalo has dropped his entire old life to be worthy to enter the door to salvation. When one decides to follow Christ, it is amazing to see the power and help that come from Heaven. The Atonement is infinite! I love helping people figure out how to use it in their lives.

Other news, we changed pensions. Our old pensions husband is the Latino Jim Carrey, she is an experienced chef, and their kid is exactly like my hermanito. But they have plans to move to Zion (Utah) in a few years, so it’s all good. Our new pension is awesome too! So far… (please no feet potato).

Hope you are doing great! I have been missing the temple more lately.. Go and help with the mission work in the temple this week! If you do, take pictures in front of it and send them to me! PLEASE. I love you and miss you a ton. Keep remembering the things of most importance.

Sigue sonriendo –Elder Daybell


The river behind us is actually a street




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