Week Twenty-Six in Cusco

Otra semana se fue…

The time is going by way too fast (aka I am definitely extending)! I got the big package that you sent this week, and I have got to say THANK YOU. Elder Espinoza and I are loving the treats, but mostly I love the hand written letters. Thanks parents and siblings! I LOVE YOU.

We had a real good week of working. I am learning how to work more intelligently. I can work hard until I die, but I need to improve in the way I work to be more efficient. We are growing and learning every day! We have two more with baptism date. A super old couple that are hilarious. The wife is super sick, so they are both really humble and accepting of the word of God! We are going to save them right before they head up there…

I had an interview with Presidente Herrera this week! I am so blessed to get to know him in this ward and will hold his counsel in my heart for the rest of my life. He thought that I had more time in the mission. I will say it again: The Gift of Tongues is real. When members ask how much time I have, I tell them to guess. They usually say a year and a half or more! I told my time to this one JAS (young single adult) in the ward and he doesn’t believe me. He is convinced that I end this change or the next change. I think it is only because I am really talkative… But Spanish is coming along great! Right now I am practicing subjunctive. Which is like, Dios quiere que oremos para que tengamos una relación con El. In English, God wants us to pray so that we have a relationship with Him. Sound weird in English.. But makes sense! The subjunctive is shown in the oremos instead of the normal conjugation of oramos. Also in the tengamos instead of normal tenemos. There is a bunch of instances where you use it, and a lot of irregulars so you just have to memorize the different instances and verbs. I love Spanish! And I love when I start to use different things I learn because it is like evolving in Pokemon GO. Just kidding, I don’t know how to play Pokemon Go yet.

I love you! Keep being real. Only 3 of my parents sent me pictures of the temple.. The rest of you are sinners. But the glorious news of the Gospel is that you CAN repent and that you can change by going to the temple and sending me the pictures! I miss you 5ever.

Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


Elder Espinoza and Elder Daybell in Cusco.  The river behind us is a street!


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