Week Twenty-Seven in Cusco

Pie y Cara

The two body parts in my title have been wrecked this week, but I am doing great! After I wrote you last Monday, we went and played a huge soccer tournament with all the zones in Cusco. I am still horrible at soccer, but I love playing! Towards the end I wrecked my ankle and it got super swollen. I will be coming home next week… I will see you soon. It’s actually more like a week and year and a half! Luckily, I have been healing fine! Only limping around all week during the work. My face is super red too, because I forgot to wear sunblock for only 2 hours. Since we are so high up in elevation, the sun rays are way more powerful. Living the dream!

We had interviews with Pres. Herrera and he has been changing some of the goals of the mission. I am really loving the changes! Focusing more on baptizing and teaching repentance. Especially baptisms of men older than 18 years! It is more challenging, which is another reason why I love it. In our interview, he asked me what are my weaknesses, and I told him honestly. Naturally he asked why honesty would be a weakness, and I told him, “Because honestly that is a stupid question.” No I am joking I didn’t say that! I was sure tempted to though.. I love Pres. Herrera and his family. He has asked us to join his Family Home Evening tonight! Another perk of being in his ward? And it is also with Hermana Isabel that had her husband pass away recently. We are excited to be in the house of the mission and help out the suffering family in our ward.

All else is great! We are progressing our investigadores, but little by little. I am learning some patience as well as respect for the agency of others. I realize that people are going to make their decisions, and that as long as I am doing the will of the Father, I am being a successful missionary. I am praying hard because there are definitely 2 forces battling with each person that has a chance to know the Gospel through us! And the bad force sure doesn’t rest. Which simply means that we cannot rest either. Make sure you are always doing the things that keep the Spirit in rich abundance in your life! Unless you want to be miserable.. then do what you want. No, but really live the celestial law to be worthy of the celestial goal! And I will keep repenting and keep trying with youJ I love you and miss you!

Sigue sonriendo –Elder Daybell


Piano skillz


Elderes de mi primer districto (Epinoza, Yepez, yo, Carrasco)


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