Week Twenty-Eight in Cusco

Refiners Fire!

This week felt a little like a refiner’s fire, but a good week still! The past week we had 18 lessons in total, and this week we had 5. We had the same amount of set lessons at the start too! Some days and weeks are like that! 3 of our set people with baptismal date didn’t come to church either.. So their dates all fell through. Why do I say it was a good week? Because it was! You already know that our joy doesn’t come from circumstances, but the focus. Easier said than done, but I promise (with practice) it can be done easily through the power of positive thought.

Instead of talking about the many things that failed us this week, I want to talk about a single answer to prayers. For a while I have been praying to help see myself and my efforts through Gods eyes. For many weeks I have been struggling with feelings of inadequacy and that I am not doing anything to help in this sector. As each setback came, the evil thoughts got louder and louder. Satan has always used disappointment and discouragement to confuse! I have felt that more than ever lately, as I have analyzed every detail of how I can be a better missionary.

Praying specifically to see myself and my work in the sight of the Lord, my answer came last Sunday! We were invited to a training of home teachers by the members. Once all our citas failed us, I decided we could go because a lot of members wanted us there and they were teaching from Preach My Gospel. During the meeting, Robin (Elders quorum president and my old pension) started explaining how if home teachers would just act, they could save those suffering.  He used the example of Gonzalo, my recent convert. Gonzalo had been investigating the church for about a year when I got here! I felt like I haven’t done much to help his baptism, because there have been so many missionaries and I only came in at the end. Robin told everyone that the reason that the baptism took so long was because he was waiting for “true missionaries” to come to San Jeronimo. Everyone laughed and my face got super red like a gringo tomato!

Then Gonzalo bore his testimony about how I have helped him. He told us that our first lesson, I asked him simply, “when are you making this decision?” I remember the Spirit telling me that he was super ready! Another thing he said was that I was patient with him… I am not patient with anything! At least I feel like I need more patience for our investigadores, with my companion, with the timing of the Lord, and really with myself. I testify that the Lord literally hears us, knows our heart, and will answer in His time!

You might be waiting for an answer to prayer, you might (should) be repenting constantly for your many errors, you might be fighting doubt and the temptation to quit living the gospel, you might be swimming against the current of feelings of inadequacy; but I testify  that Jesus Christ is there to give you His divine help! You don’t even realize your great worth, but think of the price that has been paid for you, and you start to get an idea. Don’t let the payment go to waste! You are worth it. You are enough. God IS your Father in Heaven and He DOES love you immeasurably. I promise that if you ponder and pray about these truths while you are having hard days or weeks, that God will send you the perfect answer to console you. I testify of these things as your friend! I really love you and I miss you. Keep being awesome and a light to the world. And…

Sigue Sonriendo! _Elder Daybell


Zona Inti Raymi (17 de Oct. 2016)


Every night 2 seconds after planning my companion dies


Sweet tempation in the pensions house…



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