Week Twenty-Nine in Cusco


I don’t have anything in my mind right now… This email is going to be short! We had a great week with about the same amount of lessons. We have been giving a lot of blessings of health lately! The ward is big, and they always call the Elders. It makes more sense that they call their home teachers, but I am not going to deny someone who calls us!

One of our investigadors, Fidilia, is in the hospital. She and her husband Ronald had their baptism for next week! We are going to have to change their date. They are 78 and 62 years of age, but they understand all that we have taught them! They have been to church once, and even remembered all that was talked about. We are heading to the hospital in a few days to visit. We fasted and she in getting better! Another blessing of our fast is that Enrique called us! I mentioned him about a month ago, and then he disappeared. His date was for last Saturday, but he wants to change it and still wants to prepare! The Lord is the best and I needed to embrace patience!

Last week we had a Halloween party as a ward and I brought my lightsabers attack the children. No worries, I attacked them outside so their parents didn’t witness the murder. Today, we played an early Turkey Bowl because many of the gringo Elders are leaving this next change. We even played a little rugby! The assistant, the finance Elder, and I all played before the mission, so we taught the other fools. Saturday we went with our pension to Jurassic Park for lunch! In a little village called Oropesa, they are famous for traditional bread! And the bread is quite tasty and HUGE.

I hope all I well. Sorry I don’t have much to say! I love you and miss you but wouldn’t want to be you! Keep being good, because you are good. Y sigue sonriendo!

-Elder Daybell


Welcome to Jurassic Park!


Youngling at the Halloween party



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