Week Thirty in Cusco


For all those who just read that with the most gringo accent, it is pronounced: wholeeaka! And yes, I will be leaving my sector in Cusco.. I am sad and I am excited! I will tell you the reasons for both.

Sad… Because this week we have a new investigador with date for baptism! Remember about a month ago I told you about a guy that has been super prepared? First lesson he told us that he feels like something lacks in his life and I told him that it was a covenant with God and he was like YES. After that super spiritual experience, he disappeared for the entire 6 week change. He called this week, apologizing, and hoping that he can still be baptized! The only reason it is sad is because I won’t be here to watch his life change and help him progress. But overall it is a happy thing! We have quite a few that have just started to progress and come to church. I am glad that I am leaving all of them in the hands of Elder Espinoza! I think… I will really miss the relationships I have made with everyone here! Luckily, they are eternal friends!

Excited… Because I am going to leader of the Zone in Juliaca! I definitely don’t know anything about being a Zone Leader, but the Lord does. I am pumped to learn and progress! Pumped to help other missionaries do the same! I know that I can do it as long as I put more trust in the Lord daily and continually pray for guidance. We can really do anything in life if we learn how to do those two things correctly! Juliaca is definitely the ugliest sector, but the mission isn’t the place it is the people. And I know that the Lord has prepared people for me and my companion there to bring this perfect message to them. ¡A DONDE ME MANDES IRÉ SEÑOR!

In other news… We hiked a tiring mountain today. A Vivint group of tourists came to sacrament meeting. It was sweet translating for them! I gave a talk on Sunday too. I had the crowd roaring with laughter telling a personal story of when I was an evil little kid to my parents (perhaps I will tell it another time). I am healthy and happy! Living the dream in Perúsalin.

Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


We climbed a mountain… se llama Pikol


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