Week Thirty-One in Juliaca

Dust in the Wind

That title reference is for you, Grampa Jack. It also referrers to this sector! I love Juliaca so much! The clima is real strong: burning sun in the day and wind every single night. The sun burns worse because we are up so high in Puno area. The wind starts around 4, and all the roads are dirt so it is crazy. There are way more drunks than Cusco! One of them told me that I was handsome and I couldn’t stop blushing… Another bore his testimony in the street. He told us that the church was true, that Jesus is his Savior, and that families can be together forever! He was definitely an inactive member I think. The mission is such a sweet adventure in Peru!

I live with 4 Elders. My companion, Elder Delgado, is from Trujillo and he is the BEST. We are working hard and striving hard to be obedient. The other Elders, Blancarte and Carrillo, are from Mexico and Chile. They are needing some help so we are trying to motivate them! As long with all the others in our zone of 18 missionaries. It’s the only zone in Juliaca! One of the Elders is the old assistant that I have gotten close to during the mission, Elder Chacon. I look up to him a ton and it is really weird to be his zone leader! Another, Hermana Bingham, is from my MTC group and was in my district there, so we are tight also! All the others I am starting to get to know and build relationships with. We have quite a few that are starting their training here! It is so awesome. I love being able to help missionaries get motivated and obey the rules, although it is stressful at times. I just love not thinking about myself!! All that I think about and everything that I do during the day is for other people. I testify that is where true happiness lies! Focusing on the needs of others and serving them 24-7 is what I will miss a lot about the mission (never coming home sorry).

I am still trying to get to know the investigators and less actives we are working with, but I will be sure to give you an update soon! My pension is sweet once again. I told her I liked lomo saltado and aji de gallina and it was the next 2 lunches we had! I am super spoiled right? My shower has gotten worse ever sector jajajaj! In Yunguyo it was a bucket, but with hot water. Cusco it was a real shower but with cold water. And in Juliaca it’s a cold shower, but if I stand up with my height it electrocutes me! I have to turn it off with my tire shoes, because the handle shocks also…

LIVING THE DREAM. I love you. I miss you! Sorry I didn’t have a spiritual experience this week, but I had to feel you in on how it’s like in the great city of JULIACA!

Sigue Sonriendo – Elder Daybell


Saying bye to my beloved pension of San Jeronimo…


Elder Delgado and I


Streets of Juliaca


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