Week Thirty-Two in Juliaca

Dia de las Gracias

It sounds like you had a real good time for Thanksgiving! Of course that holiday doesn’t exist here, but I read 1 Nephi 13 for the occasion and felt proud to be an American! All is well in Perúsalem! We have had a great week searching for those chosen ones…

We had divisions in Cusco with the assistants this week, so I worked with Elder Alen. His name sounds American, but he is Latino! He is also about 4 feet tall, so I felt like an NBA player all day. He is new to being the assistant, but I learned a ton. He is super spiritual and understands his purpose of the mission! On our way back to Juliaca, our bus broke down and it took all day to travel… It’s not too bad except for the movie screens in front of our face! I brought Jesus the Christ, but the temptation lasts a 7-hour bus ride. I might need one of those nice neck pillows to sleep 😉 For the birthday!

We had a fast this week because next week is stake conference. We fasted to find more people that are prepared, and the Lord blessed us like always! We were searching for a reference and couldn’t find them for a long time. We asked this lady who owned an internet, then felt we should just contact her instead. We ended up teaching her right there! Edith is a single mother with one daughter. Her husband has left recently for another “religious woman”, so she has resentment with religion and a little with God. We opened up the Book of Mormon and she began to open up her heart! I don’t remember exactly what we taught (that’s why we use the Area Book) but I do remember the feeling super strong: The Atonement is going to heal every part of her broken heart. I know the power of Christ can do that! Any sadness, pain, sin, shame, or any sort of bad feeling can be erased when you turn to Christ. I am a witness of my life! And I have seen it done countless times in the lives of others. We just need to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ every day, and all will work out. Did you do that circle where everyone says what they are grateful for? Yeah, this is my turn: I am grateful for a Savior that has felt all that I will go through in life. I am grateful for the way He has taught us to use that Atonement. And I am especially grateful for this time of my life where I am dedicated to teaching others how they can apply it to their wounds too. I invite you to use His sacrifice for you! Oh, and I am grateful for you J I love my family and my friends! Keep it real.

Sigue Sonriendo –Elder Daybell



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