Week Thirty-Three in Juliaca

This has been one of the craziest weeks in my misión!

It started with last Tuesday… In some parts of Peru, there is something called “paro.” When the citizens are mad about some aspect of their lives, they go on a rampage. Sort of like a strike! It can be small or it can get out of control. One happened in Puno in my training with only the convey drivers: they stopped working because they wanted to be paid more. Not a big deal right? But this week was crazy…

The people are mad that there are delinquents, so the entire city of Juliaca did a paro. Tuesday and Wednesday reminded me of that Purge movie! At 5 we woke up to chanting and screaming. Nobody in the entire city worked these days, because there were crowds of people patrolling the streets and beating up anyone who had their store open. They targeted the bars because that is where delinquents start I guess? They either whipped or stoned anyone riding a moto or working! It was insane. We worked of course J but other missionaries no, which was okay. We just avoided the main streets and ran sometimes! They burned a lot of houses down. The cops have no control either, I have no idea why! I will tell you more stories in a few weeks over Skype! It was a fun two days…

Later in the week I was in Cusco again! We had the meeting of leaders with Presidente Herrera, and it was the best. Super spiritual and many changes in the work. I think these changes will be for the entire mission force of the church, but I am not sure. We are focusing more on investigators and leaving the less actives for the members to rescue. All is about teaching repentance and baptizing converts! I really like the change because I feel like I am fulfilling my purpose better! But there are many missionary’s that don’t like change. We have zone meeting tomorrow, so it will be fun to tell all the missionary’s the news! I am excited and feel as if the Lord is hastening His work even more in these final hours.

All is going good in the little time we have had in our sector! Elder Delgado is the man. He only has weeks left, so is excited to eat ceviche on the beaches of Trujillo! We get along super well and are always laughing. My pension is a single mom with 2 kids, and they are the bomb. The divorce is still in process, so I am trying to help the kids by just being a friend. Our P-days are preparing for the Christmas dinner with President because it is going to be here… Pdays are not the same! But I still get to write you, so I am happy!

This week I will be in Cusco again… But to have a meeting with Elder Godoy of the Seventy! That is all I am going to say until next week.

Sigue Sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


My first Concilio de Lideres
Watching the PARO while hiding in the room

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