Week Thirty-Four in Juliaca

Spiritual Week

Elder Godoy came this week to the grand misión Peru Cusco! He is the 70 for all our area. The countries Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia are the area! It was SUPER. We didn’t work in our sector hardly at all.. But we will this week hopefully! On Tuesday, all the zone leaders had a training with Elder Godoy in Cusco. Something awesome about the mission is getting to learn and receive training from the big dogs! I am very grateful for the chance to progress in the Gospel and as a leader through these trainings with President Herrera and 70s! Elder Godoy is super funny too. He is from Brasil, so his Spanish was mixed with Portuguese, but it’s easy to understand.

That same night, we left on the bus to Puno! We got there around 5 in the morning and prepared everything for the meeting with all the zones. Again, I learned a ton and can’t explain it all! He talked about utilizing the Book of Mormon more and sooner with our investigadors. He also helped us see our potential, if only we are willing to search improvement always.

Story time: We had divisions with a district leader this past week. These two elders are not real obedient and don’t work much, so I was praying on how to help them. I was with the newer Elder, that just got done with his training. I prayed the night before on how to help and planned to study the next morning! Well, the Lord knew that I wouldn’t have time to study because of Zone Conference, so he gave me a dream that very night. I dreamt that I was in my personal study! I had an impression to study the Attributes of Christ in Preach My Gospel, and so I started in my dream and then woke up. This Elders actions in the morning, gave me the second half of my answer on how I could help him. We studied an attribute in companionship study, and it was the most spiritual study! Since the divisions, he has woken up on time every day and worked out with us, he hasn’t been talking the way that he used to talk, and he is just happier to work! I am super happy and know that God gave me a direct answer.

I am grateful for the reality of personal revelation! I know that if we are humbly seeking for His guidance, the Lord will give specific answers. I know that every aspect of my mission needs be guided by the Spirit. I know that every part of your life should be too! Even with the smallest things, He cares. Please try to figure out how to recognize the Spirit! No other thing could be of greater worth with all the decisions we have to make every day. I love you! Keep progressing every day and being happy every day! Live worth of the Spirit and make the sacrifice (15 mins in the Book of Mormon, praying more, partaking of the Sacrament with real intent) to receive His help in your life! Oh and also..

Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


A Gorrilla costume


Contacting as a Zone in Ayaviri (pueblo)


La Grand Zona Juliaca



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