Week Thirty-Five in Juliaca

Stress, stress, stress and Happiness

The title describes my life. We had the Christmas dinner with Presidente and all of Puno and Sicuana this week! They chose to do it in Juliaca… The last second our sound guy and table guy failed us! We were running around the last day like crazy. Waking up at 5 the day-of,  it all worked out. BLESSINGS. We had 4 zones of the mission here! It was super fun, we did a sketch that was legendary. I will show you the video in a year and a half maybe.

Elder Delgado is a dead man (he went home). He will be missed! I could have been his companion for 2 years and we wouldn’t have had any problems. I hope I get to serve with him later on in the work of the Lord! He is a great example of service and kindness to everyone! I am in a trio with Elder Carrillo and Elder Cook now. The one from Chile that lives with me and an Elder that is still in his training from Layton! Their companions went home also. We will be like this until changes next Monday!! Strange. It will be a good time though!

Cool experience: We went to this stake activity for Christmas, and the Primary sang in Quechua. I felt the Spirit super strong! I was thinking about how the Gospel has spread to the entire world thanks to missionary work. A 50 year old guy told me that when he was baptized, there were 15 members of the church here. Now there is a stake in Juliaca with 6 wards and even more branches surrounding us! I am so thankful to be a part of this Work that is so bigger than me. I am grateful that I have been called to serve these scattered tribes of Israel and bring this perfect message. I felt the Spirit of these people more than anything during the song in Quechua. That every person I meet and get to teach is a Child of Promise and has the potential to become even as God is. I love the people of Peru! I love their Spirit and strength. I guess you could say that I felt the “Spirit of the Incas” this week! I am beyond blessed to be building the Kingdom in this part of the world. I know I will be leaving a part of me here!

Sigue Sonriendo –Elder Daybell

fotos: coming soon 🙂
The true Brigham Young
Cake fight!

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