Week Thirty-Six in Juliaca & Cusco

Feliz Navidad Prospero Año y Felicidad

I hope you all had a real good Christmas! I saw my fam and it looks like you did. Favorite part of my Christmas by far. I wished that it would have been a little bit longer… But May is right around the corner!

I got a change for this Navidad! I am back in Cusco working in my same zone INTI RAYMI and I am pumped. I am not in the Presidents ward like last time, but I am going to be seeing him a lot more. I am working in the office and my companion will be Elder Alen! He is from Lima, despite his gringo name. This morning we hung out with the Presidents two daughters, Gabriella and Ariella, playing games around the yard. I am super excited to get to know Presidents family!

For Christmas here, they do fireworks at midnight. We all got woken up with it, because the whole valley of Cusco was lit up! An Elder (Fritz) got a lazer pointer we used to mess around with people in the streets. Elder Fritz is the man I am replacing and I am really thankful for him. He makes me feel comfortable and more confidence. Not confident in myself, but in the Spirit! I am going to see a lot of personal growth the next few months, I am fired up to learn (Sage Creek elementary reference)!

I hope that you felt the peace of this Christmas! I hope that you focused on the real meaning of this holiday and became more close to your Savior. I know that Jesus Christ was born, lived, and sacrificed all for you. Isn’t it interesting that we focus more on Christ right before we make new resolutions and start a new year? I think that They planned that. He gave everything for you. Give Him a little more of your heart this next year! I am evidence that He can make more out of your life than you could ever do alone! Give Him more of you and more joy will come into your life. I want you to be happy! And I know Jesus Christ was born so that you can be happy. I love you!

Sigue sonriendo –Elder Daybell


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