Week Thirty-Seven in Cusco

Super different… Super exciting

My mission is going to be super different for the next little while! I am super excited, but it is going to take some getting used to. This whole week we only found 1 new investigador and had 3 lessons. But the lessons were super spiritual and the new is going to have a date this next week! I feel like God blesses us for the time we sacrifice doing other things for President. I am going to love it here!

This week the new missionaries came from the MTC! We picked them up Tuesday and pretty much hung out with them all day. They had interviews and lunch with President and then we just went to the hotel and stayed overnight with them. The next day was full training… We gave a training on obedience to the new missionaries followed by a training on the normas. Another on obedience to the news with their trainers. And a final on the Area Book. Something real interesting: I can walk all day in the burning sun, up and down a million stairs, and be tired at the end of the day. When I stand in an air-conditioned church all day only to give trainings, I am WAY more tired! I was thinking about it and I know why! My spirit was getting more exercise in those days, so I became really drained. Walking in the street is tiring, but your spirit is resting unless you are in a lesson. That is going to take getting used to once the conferences come…

We planned with President our next 3 months. By the end of January, I will have seen the entire mission. WEEHOO! I am excited to do that and to be able to share my testimony with every missionary we have. I am actually peeing my pants… But I know that the Lord can help me! And Elder Alen is a boss. I am learning a ton from him already. He receives revelation for every decision we make! It is something I am going to be working on this change.

Hope you all started this year with goals to become closer to Christ and serve Him! If you didn’t you are a fool… but I still love you. Take advantage of the winter snow (snowboard for me).

This is my full year in the mission! I am going to be giving even more to His grand work and consecrated myself to this cause. I love and miss you!

SIgue sonriendo –Elder Daybell



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