Week Thirty-Eight in Cusco

Trainings and Jungle Working

Many things came to pass this week! Like every week in the mission. I honestly felt like it was Thursday when I woke up today.. Don’t ask me why. Living the dream still! I will give you a day to day breakdown to make it easier on me.

Tuesday we had Leadership Council with all the Zone Leaders of the mission. I was kind of scared because this was my second one in the mission, but I have to direct it now. I am lucky to have a good companion, Elder Alencito! It went well and I didn’t pee in my pants. The night before, Presidente told me that I should give the training on the new Area Plan… In a twisted way, procrastinating assignments in school has had its benefits!

Wednesday and Thursday we did divisions in our sector. I worked with a Zone Leader from Andahuaylas (Elder Ordoñez) and another from the other Cusco zone (Elder Maldonado). We worked super hard and I pretty much talked about how awesome they are at the end. They are awesome! I worked with Elder Ordoñez in Puno when I started the mission, and he has progressed a ton! We had a really spiritual companionship study and after he said he has renewed energy to be the example he should be! He is one of those natural leaders. If he told me to do something dumb if we were just hanging out, I would definitely do it. It’s a leader ability I wish that I had!

Friday to Sunday… Welcome to the Jungle of Cusco. We went with President and his family to give trainings to the missionaries and work with them in the street a bit. I am not sure if I have ever been on a more beautiful drive! Takes 5 hours: You get to one of the highest points in Cusco and can see the whole valley. Then we dropped down into Sacred Valley and keep going to these mountains called “The Veronicas.”  They are huge green mountains with random waterfalls for all sides. They call them the crying mountains! We scaled those mountains, just going up and up…. Then once we almost arrived at the Hubble Telescope, we started to drop into fog. After about 20 minutes of scary fog and gripping the seat praying we didn’t die, we popped into the jungle! Mountains of trees and super heat, I am now in love with Quillabamba. You need to look it up on Google, it is like a little paradise city.

We had a zone conference and I felt the Spirit strong, so I hope that the missionaries could too. We talked a lot about How to Find People to Teach. After I had the chance to work with a Elder Ortiz and Elder Owens. Elder Owens is the only gringo in his zone and is starting his mission. I was able to contact a lot of people with them and give them advice on how we can teach with more clarity. They are awesome Elders! I love them and love their sector too.

This week we have two more Conferences… I will let you know next week how it goes! I love you and miss you like always. I hope that you are happy about life and enjoying the process!

Sigue sonriendo –Elder Daybell


Trip to Quillabamba


Lightning football


B-Day of Elder Fritz


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