Week Thirty-Nine in Cusco

Conferencia X2

We had a busy week! Looking forward to a busy few months, because we are always doing different things. We just got back today from the department of Apurimac! We had a Conference up there with all the missionaries of the two zones of Abancay and Andahuaylas. But I am getting ahead of myself…

First of the week, we had a conference in Cusco with the missionaries from Zones Cusco, Inti Raymi, and Sicuani. There was a lot of people! I used some PowerPoint action in the Leadership Conference to talk about SMART goals, and it got President pumped I think, so he asked me to use it again. I didn’t really like using it in the Conference because I felt limited to talk about only what I had up on the slides. The second conference this week we didn’t use it, and I had the freedom to change if the Spirit directed. It was way better and I felt the spirit during it way more!

I am learning many things each day. I learn as I am studying on what I need to teach beforehand. I learn during the conference and the Spirit gives me ideas that I have never even thought before. And after I ask God how I can improve, and I learn even more! I am thankful for heavenly correction. I am so thankful for the scriptures and Preach My Gospel. They are perfect tools to help us progress and to strengthen our weaknesses. As a missionary as much a normal member! We are blessed to have them so easily in our hands, and probably don’t take advantage of them enough.

Thursday, we travelled to the city of Abancay. It is down in a valley, surrounded by super green mountains. Ariella (younger daughter of President Herrera) threw up again. His daughters are always throwing up when we travel! Besides that part, I love getting to know President and his family! I received a blessing one time that said that I should pay close attention to the words of my priesthood leaders, mentioning my mission president especially. So that is what I try to do, and I am learning a lot from him. I am learning for my mission, and learning things that will help in in other callings after the mission also, like being a father! Presidente Herrera is a great leader and great father, I am grateful to learn from his example. We had a great conference with the missionaries and did as many divisions as we could with companionships. I love smaller zones because we have time to get to know and work with quite a few of them. The lessons were way sweet! I was thinking during one of them, “wow I really miss teaching investigadores!” Because they have some prepared people they are teaching over there! It was a good time.

I hope that you are doing great. I hope you had a refreshing Sunday and that this week you are going to WIN. It whatever you are going to do. Always remember that I love you and miss you. I pray that you are doing the little sacrifices to have the higher joy. Time keeps going too fast! Don’t waste it being sad or focusing on the temporal things more than what’s eternal.

Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


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