Week Forty in Cusco

Por la Selva…

In the mighty jungle, Elder Daybell slept last night. The Amazon Jungle! But I am getting ahead of myself again..

The start of the week we had divisions with zone leaders for the first 3 days! Elder Valenzuela from Chile, Elder Lopez from Peru, and Elder Tsosie from Orem are the powerful leaders that I got to work with. The reason for divisions is to check on how they are teaching, how they are managing their zone, and how they feel overall. The manual says leaders should not just “supervise or motivate, but also elevate, encourage, inspire and bless.” I find the best way to do that is in divisions! And it is amazing to see the Spirit work through my words when I literally have no idea what to say. I know that the Lord is so willing to help us in our callings! We should need to do what is necessary to receive that revelation.

Elder Alen and I have way great unity too! For example: He taught an Elder to be patient and teach with love his companion. I taught the companion of that Elder to always be trying to learn from him and to be humble. Elder Alen and I don’t talk much of the companionship before we do divisions, but the Spirit leads us to teach things that correspond perfectly! In every single divisions without fail. PRETTY NEAT HUH?

On Friday, we travelled by plane to the Amazonian sector of Puerto Maldonado. In the plane, you can’t see the end of trees, all green as far as the eye can see. I was able to work with a lot of the missionaries because we came back today! I was sweating more than a 437 lbs. man doing squats in a sauna. I feel like that is the best imagery to describe how humid and hot it was! You know Georgia on a summer day? Hotter than that. The Cusco jungle (Quillabama) is more like Miami in the winter, but Puerto is the next level stuff. My face was melting the whole time. The conference was super good and the missionaries are super excited. They have the goal to turn that city into a stake! Right now it is only a district, but we are close to creating a stake.

I worked in one sector called La Joya, and it is in the middle of the jungle. There are little houses in between thick trees, but I can’t really explain how beautiful it is. Pictures don’t do it justice either! We could also be hearing animal noises too. I even saw a lady with her pet monkey! Super jungle stuff right?

I am still loving the mission and scared to have a year, because they tell me it goes faster by that time! This month has been a second long, and it makes me sad. But I am trying to take advantage of every second! I am so grateful to have the privilege to be born in these times, where the Lord trusts inadequate kids to represent Him. The enabling power of grace is what makes it possible! And I am grateful for the mission for teaching me how to access that grace by always abiding in Him (John 15). I love you and miss you!

Sigue sonriendo –Elder Daybell


Welcome to the Jungle!



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