Week Forty-One in Cusco

Mi Tierra

I went back to my land this week! The beautiful city of Juliaca and Puno. A week full of divisions and the last conference for this change! WEEHOO. I am glad to be done, and ready to start over again in like 3 weeks… Living the dream!

In Juliaca, we worked with the zone leaders. One of them is actually my brother! (We were trained by the same Elder). He is awesome. I really miss that zone. A lot of the same elders and hermanas are still there! We got super close thanks to the practices we did every P-day leading up to Christmas. I got to see my pension’s family again too! God loves me J I didn’t get to really say bye to them because I left so suddenly. Tender mercy! It is pretty cold and rainy every day there during this season. Two of the days we stayed in a hotel called “Libertador” in Puno, just look it up on internet!

In the conference, we felt impressed to burn a little more. I said things very bluntly, while in other zones I was careful in my words of correction. A part of our conference has been, “No somos JAS.” I received the thought when Elder Godoy came (when I was in Juliaca) and I was watching everyone act after the Multi-zone conference with him. It means, “We are not Young Single Adults.” I have been mentioning it to every zone, because even Elder Godoy told President that there was irreverence… But in Puno I didn’t try to soften it at all because the Spirit prompted me. There were people flirting and talking until the moment President walked in! So we kind of had to fix a few things down there and talk more directly, but I believe that they are going to improve!! 2 of the zones down there are the ones that I served in, so I love them! I love all the missionaries down there too. They work hard and I know they want to get better in the little things that make a big difference.

On Saturday, we had a baptism! Crazy right? I have actually taught her only a few times, because my companion and I are always separated during divisions. But my joy was the exact same! It is the mother of our pension, so we see her every day. We call her la abuelita (little grandma) because that is who she is! She always teaches me Quecha and gives us her blessing when we leave the pension. I can understand D&C 18 that talks about the joy of helping someone repent and come unto Christ. There is nothing greater! You develop a love for people that is unfathomable. It is without fathom.

I love you and miss you! Keep being real and SIGUE SONRIENDO! –Elder Daybell




Office pranks…


When you forget to use sunblock playing soccer at 12,000 ft.




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