Week Forty-Two in Cusco

Week of the Changes

We have been pretty busy this week, but no travel! It has been nice to be in Cusco and we have been teaching more of our investigadores. First and foremost… We have one with date for baptism! Her name is Frida and she is a single mom with 3 kids. Her kids and her nephew are interested and they are going to have a date soon! The nephew asked me “what does apostasy mean?” so he is already reading! Frida is the lady that we take our suits to for washing, and so we already were good friends, we just had to contact her! She is super prepared by Gods hand. She has already been to church twice and has a testimony of the Book of Mormon. BLESSINGS. I will keep you updated on her progress!

This week we did the changes with Presidente. That is a sweet experience! We sit in his office for a long time looking at the wall with all the missionaries’ pictures and the sectores they are in. We have thought about it for a while and prayed. President tells us what he has received as revelation and we move all the pictures. At the end there are still a few people that need a change or that we are not sure.  We wrestle it for a while, then when we get done we pray again. While President was praying, I had all the companionships pictures flashing through my mind. The Spirit confirmed each one that I was doubting! But the confirmation was exact with the missionaries face. It was a really cool experience. And now I know each missionaries name with their face! 155 of them. And we get 15 more tomorrow! I am pumped to train and be drained again.

I know that the Lords hand is in His work, even the details. If you are serving in a calling or if you are not, remember that you are at where He needs you. Find out why he needs you there! If you feel tempted to doubt yourself, KNOCK IF OFF. God knows way better than you. He is actually kind of All Knowing. I love you and miss you! Sigue sonriendo también!

-Elder Daybell

dscf7850Cute combination: Peruvian kid and puppy

 Elder Palacios and I (he lived with us for a change)

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