Week Forty-Three in Cusco

I have no time to write you!

Super good week. We sent off the missionaries ending on Monday with a dinner at Presidents. One of my zone leaders (Elder Bustamante), an old companion (Elder Segura), my trainer to be in the office (Elder Fritz), and two elders that received me when I got to the mission (Elder Hogan and Elder Wimmer). A way good group! They were all crying so hard. I still haven’t cried saying bye to anyone, which means I am heartless. Parents came to pick up a few and we did a surprise thing and got to see them all hugging and stuff. And now I am sure that I want to come home to you guys in the airport! It was rare.

The news came the next day and we hung out with them and entertained them. Wednesday was full training!! I love the news. They just have such a good spirit right after the CCM and are hyped to get out and work. The trainings went very well and we talked a lot of obedience. Elder Espinoza is training! He is my kid because I trained him, so now I have a grandson!! And he is also going back to Yunguyo mio. My grandson is being born (starting the mission) where I was born! Good stuff.

The reason I have no time: we went to a sweet Inca muesem with a member that works as a Cusco guide, and then played soccer for too long… The tour was sweet! I am definitely taking my parents there after! It is usually 45 dollars, but the member wanted to do it for free for us. I learned a ton about the culture and history of Inka and about when the Spanish invaded. CUSCO IS THE SWEETEST PLACE.

Well, I love you. And miss you a ton! Mom, I am sorry that I couldn’t write you today. That was one of the most important things I had to do today!! But I am out of time and “selective obedience only brings selective blessings.” Sigue sonriendo!

-Elder Daybell


The old guy we taped to a chair was replaced by the new guy we decided to tape
Me, Tupac Amaru, and Elder Alen
Most important chapel to the Catholics in Cusco (out of a million chapels)

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