Week Forty-Four in Cusco

Bautismos Pronto!

Another week has flown by and I am still loving life! Every week we have something new that we are doing, so I am always busy.

This week started with Consejo de LIderes with all of the Zone leaders in Cusco. We talked about the changes in the missionary schedule, which are awesome! A few of the changes: We plan in the mornings instead of at night. We don’t have companionship study on Pdays, so it starts at 8. We can choose when we want to study language or in companionship during the day instead of every morning. It gives the missionaries a lot more agency. Which is a good thing.. and sometimes bad as we know. But I am happy with the changes and astonished on how the Generals in Salt Lake are very aware of the front-line soldiers in the field. It helps when the Commander knows everything! The church is so true. These little changes will help us be a lot more productive, healthy and create good habits. After Von Packard (old mission President of Chile that lives in Cali) gave a training on how we can bless the homes of people. I won’t get into it, but it is a sweet way to contact people!

We worked in Quillabamba this week for the Zone leaders there. As always it was a great time. I worked with Elder Hatfield (AZ) and he is a stud! He is a new leader along with 5 other gringos from his group. They are a group that came in Agosto and are all Daxs class of 2016. They are all valiant guys and I learn a lot from them! In May, I think I will be the oldest gringo. Unless another guy comes that went to college. Not that age matters, but it will be cool because they will have friends to introduce me to that might not be married when I get back! JAJAJA NO I am joking. My heart is locked and the key is still in the house, no worries.

We have baptisms this week! I think I mentioned a mom named Frida that washes our suits? We are baptizing her and two of her kids and one cousin. When we baptized the Abuelita in January, we broke a 2+ year no-baptism streak… Now the Lord is blessing us like crazy! He is literally doing everything. We just have to try not to be stupid and be willing to get out and work when we have time. Frida is someone that I contacted, so I have been able to see her progression the whole time. I LOVE THIS WORK. I love the people and I love the success that God is giving us! I will tell you how the baptism goes.

I love you and miss you! Hope all is well in Zion (Utah) or another place that you live.

Sigue Sonriendo! –Elder Daybell

dscf7916dscf7918dscf7914Beautiful Quillabamba!

Ariela and GabbiLou

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