Week Forty-Five in Cusco

Happy Weekend

We went to Andahuaylas, so now I know the whole mission! We woke up Friday at 5, drove to do the conference in the afternoon, then woke up at 5 Saturday to drive home for the baptisms. 16 hours of driving for a 5 hour conference… It was great, and I hope the missionaries are more excited to do work! They seemed a little dead, but we are going back to do some divisions and get them happy.

4 baptisms this week! The first baptisms our sector has had in over 2 years…  I think I have told you about them.. But I can talk about them again because they are awesome! There is Frida Díaz who has 48 years and is super prepared by God. She made smoothies one time for our Consejo de Lideres, and we had to pay her back. When I saw her, she was like “hermano!” with a huge smile, so I thought that she was member. I asked her, she said no but was willing to talk with us. We have taught her and she has changed her life. Her two kids, Sebastian and Fernanda, accepted too. Sebastian was a little hesitate, but his cousin Patrick has been helping him. Patrick was baptized with them and also felt the Spirit the first time we talked with him. He is super prepared as well! Their extended family is adventista, and really don’t like us. The sisters of Frida have been coming over just to attack the Book of Mormon and the church, but she is so firm in what she has felt! The uncles also took Sebastian to the Adventist church the day of his baptism and convinced him not to get baptized… But Patrick saved the day by bearing his testimony and helping Sebastian recognize his answers he has received. The Lord is definitely at the helm of this church and this work!

We got back from the long drive, found that out, but chose to still have hope. It all worked out perfect! Frida and Sebastian chose me to baptize them, and that is always really humbling. I am just humbled to be an instrument in His hands! This work is so big, it is fulfilling of prophecy! And the Lord is trusting me to do it. I know it is only by the grace of Christ that makes it possible! I am blessed beyond measure to be here. Plus I have all of you! If you read these, I love you. And feel free to write me. I hope that you are happy and putting God first. He is waiting to bless you! We receive those blessings by our choice to be good, better, or best. Be the best to receive the best! I miss you and love you!

Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell




Shoutout to the mom and Grandparents Daybell for 2 neckpillows!! Blessings.


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