Week Forty-Six in Cusco

Cambios de Emergencia…

I am in a trio this week! My wise companion, Elder Alen, goes home to his family this Friday! He extended his mission, but Latinos can only extend a month so he is going home in the middle of the change. I am grateful for all he has taught me and his patience with me! I learn something key from every companion, and from Elder Alen it has been the need to search and recognize the Spirit. He credits everything to the Spirit! Something we all need to learn to rely on more.

My new companion is Elder Huallparuca (whypadooka)! It is Quecha for Gallina Vieja, which is Spanish for Old Hen. Funny right? He is my 7th companion and the 5th Peruvian! I did divisions with him in Puerto, and I told him we should be companions. Look at us now! He is honestly one of my favorite Zone Leaders that I have worked with, and I couldn’t be happier. We are going to do work!

We had the conference in Cusco with 3 big zones this week. It went well! The Zones are setting higher goals every month and doing “Noche Blanca” which is a combined baptismal date with the zone. The set a day and everyone works for that day! It is sweet. I have learned the importance of setting goals and making plans in the mission. I know that is going to bless me for a long time as well! Because if we don’t have a vision and plan how it’s going to get done, we just sit in limbo. That is spiritually dangerous! You could say here that, ya fuimos ya…

I am loving the mission! I don’t know if I will write next Monday or next Tuesday.. I am going to be somewhere pretty neat! I love you though! Thanks for the “year mark wishes” if that is even a thing? No worries, with my third companion that I have sent home I am immune to being trunky.  But I do miss you J

Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


Fortress of Saqsaywaman: Most important Inca ruins inside the city of Cusco!
(Elderes… Alen, Huallparuca, Vance, Boelter, Ordoñez, Westbrook, Valenzuela)
Pisac: Inca Ruins in the Sacred Valley
(Elderes… Alen, Huallparuca, Vance, Boelter, Ordoñez, Westbrook, Valenzuela)

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